Wing - Smart Safety Ring

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Wing - Smart Security Ring is a ring shaped panic button designed against the possibility of being attacked. When a user presses the button on Wing in any danger, he or she will send an SMS and / or a notification to the phones that the user has preset via the Wing mobile application so that they can call for help.


To send a signal, the button below the ring should be pressed for 3 seconds. Wing gives feedback to the user that he / she is transmitting the help call with vibration.

The Wing Mobile App will be available for free download from the App Store and Google Play. Users can pair mobile phones with Wing via bluetooth and create lists of people to be reached in an emergency. By responding to incoming emergency alarms, they can follow the user in real time on the map.

Our aim is that every woman who walks on the streets can feel as safe as at least men. For this reason, we have chosen a special design that can be used with many clothes in everyday life, which is very difficult to distinguish from any jewelry. At this point, women will carry an unnoticed panic button on their own.


Wing is charged via USB from its specially designed box. Average battery life is 2 weeks. The measures are designed as a cocktail ring.

Wing Smart Security Ring on long journeys, when you go home late at night, you will be with you every time you feel uneasy. You can use it easily in your daily life.


Risks and Difficulties

Kuixo Information Technologies Inc. was founded by Teknogirişim Funding of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry in 2015 with two entrepreneurs who have been friends since university years. Our team has been successfully accomplished the applied project “Educational Audio Games for Visually Impaired Individuals” which has been approved by our ministry advisors. Wing Smart Safety Ring is a project that we had in mind before we decided to become a company. We have decided to make the project actualize because of our company’s earned experience and our belief in the project. Every project has risks. One of the risk of the project is the delay of the required production parts which are shipping from abroad. This may slow down the production process. For this reason, we have calculated the probability of this delay and then decided the delivery dates given to you and promised to send your product to you.

10 Ekim 2015

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