BirBileneSor - Akıllı Rehberlik Hizmeti-YGS-LYS

Project Owner Gökhan Alpaslan


What is BirBileneSor?

An app helps high school
students who are preparing
for college examinatıon to
solve each other's unsolved
questions also with the
output of social benefit


 350.000 students in Turkey created a positive social impact by helping each other.






By analyzing every student one by one we define the personalities and levels of the students then with that data we prepare a special smart guidance package.


We are waiting for your support to develop this product

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Risks and Difficulties

With this Project, we want to support min. 1000 students.For every student and our students desired majors. with the help of our artificial intelligence we want to provide the best study program.After our package reaches to the students if they don't use the Birbilenesor app that is a risk for us.The student who is not using out system is untraceable because of lack of information. And also if there as any problem about delivery of our package we immediately send a new package. When the packages receive students wants to reach us by calling and because of the crowd we kindly ask them to contact us via mail. Good Luck.

10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.

Gökhan Alpaslan

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