- "It looks like the meeting is not going to end tonight. The cats will be starving again."

x- "Hey Buddy, I am going on a vacation, could you feed the fishes? Please don't forget! "

y- "I am sorry my friend, I will be out of town as well".

x- "Oh really, who should I talk to then !?"

This story goes on like this. This is an important problem and is known by pet owners very well.

The Story of FeedMe...

FeedMe is the solution of the problems of the pet owners. In fact it is kind of hobby project which then turned into product development project.

FeedMe is an innovative and practical solution for pet owners who want a scheduled feeding program for their pets.

FeedMe, is an automated feeding tool for your pet. You can set the feeding program once and then you will be sure that your pet will be well taken care of, even when you are at the office all the day or on vacation for two weeks..
FeedMe is an assistant for you, but you are the one to love your pet..
Once you do the installation in a few minutes and set the feeding plan, FeedMe will apply it until you change the plan. After a power cut, the missed meals will be given automatically and the clock will be updated to apply your plan as usual.
Don't worry that your little (!) pet will knock the FeedMe down. You will have two o ptions to avoid this: you may stabilize it by screwing it on the wall or a board; you may use the two-sided tapes to fix it on the floor. Also, if your naughty pets nibble the cable, you will be able to use a mini usb charger cable.
FeedMe has separable parts to be washed in the dishwasher. They are food plate, food container and its cover. You will be able to change the color of them and to change the capacity of the container. 

10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.

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