Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium

Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millenium


About our Project:
If you are interested in time-travel, vampire and/or werewolf themed fantasy-fiction story-based FPS video games you are at the right place. Let's see if you are going to prosper with the janissary from adventure to adventure, leaping from one timeline to another. Our action-rich hybrid game is developed only on PC with Windows for now. The game is going to be released on the biggest game markets of the world after Arıkovanı.

Gameplay and Key Features:

  • Time-travel and fantasy themed
  • Molded by historical and modern atmosphere
  • 13 levels + 2 bonus levels
  • Standard fps mechanics
  • Medieval and modern weapons
  • Action - adventure
  • Based on a novel
  • The first game of the trilogy

What are we working on and why support us?
We are preparing 3 extra dlc packages for the game itself. Those include TPS, black&white, and multiplayter modes. Moreover, our efforts on making VR, iOS, and Android support of the game are on progress. We need your support in order to complete these extras and to participate in worldwide fairs, making a wide-ranging publicity.

Future Plans:
The other stages of our project, which we continue to develop as an indie team, will be with you in the forthcoming years as books, series, movies, and animation.

Now, let's take a look at the story behind this project

Chapter -1- Sultan's Palace
Year 1459... The gentle glowing flames climb into the peaceful blue sky, with their warm colors, intermingling with the singular voice of the morning call to prayer spreading from hundreds of different minarets to Anatolia. The wolves that he wrestled last night have made our hero, Alper Tunga, a little tired. Nevertheless, the familiar voices wake him up quickly with the excitement of the day. He was summoned before the Sultan. He only vaguely hears the buzzers hiding in the lap of the dancing lights, illuminating the forest that goes to the city. He must find the key of the palace among the magical stones scattered in the forest and appear before the sultan.

Chapter -2- Vlad
After taking his mission, Alp Er Tunga goes to Vlad's city. Having the chance to see it once again makes the long, suffering journey more bearable. The town of lean green trees and splended stone buildings... As the ship approaches the harbor, our hero's astonishment turns into disappointment. The cursed dark clouds are hanging over the life-filled colors, the fertile soil barren, the rotten bodies of the janissaries hanging from the worn-out buildings. Endless hatred and hostility in people's eyes... Alper Tunga now wants to leave the city without wasting any time after passing the edict of the Sultan to Vlad. For that, he has to fight against anyone who will try to stop him and reach Vlad the Impaler.

Chapter -3- Dungeon
Alp Er Tunga was taken by Vlad and thrown into the dungeon. He could not tell the time being exhausted after the humiliation and torture of the guards day by day. Vlad's bite burns his skin. His conscience is fading away. Time flows fast as he faints, the rest is as slow as years... Night topples down day and dawn breaks again. The snow covers the budding flowers while they were about to bloom, the river is frozen and the rain washes all over them. The clouds scatter just as the leaves turn to yellow. A strong wind carries away the curse of the city. Alp Er Tunga is waiting in absolute darkness. He does not see the guards for a long time. Cynical laughter and screams are wearing out. Three hundred and ten years have passed. He does not know it... He is only aware of the solitude. Now, he has to escape from the dungeon.

Chapter -4- Labyrinth
Eventually, he manages to escape from prison. Unaware of how much time has passed, he is thrilled with the taste of freedom with the sunny sky on top of him and the leaves that surround him. Alp Er Tunga walks. As the leaves thicken he gets lost. Not so soon after, he understands that this time he's trapped in a labyrinth. He knows that he must resist one last time to get to his freedom, so that he can get rid of the maze.

Chapter -5- Lost City
Present day... Snow dominates the vacant city. The deserted streets are embraced by penguins, birds and even bears. Alp Er Tunga is astonished and a little scared. He does not want to make a false jump once more because of the defect that the stolen piece of the time machine creates. He hopes the professor can fix the problems. His conscience is crushed under the burden of the past, the present, and possibly the future. Not being able to do anything makes him feel abased. He has to find his key and go home to make a trip to the past and fix it. The problem is that he is only a bit familiar with the streets. He can not remember where his house was because of the side effects of time-travelling.

Chapter -6- Surprise Level
While he is searching for his house in the city he finds an arcade. Through this arcade he can play a fantasy game in which he needs to obtain a sword in a sacred temple. What he experiences throughout the game helps him recover his memory.

Chapter -7- Janissary's Home
It felt strange when the janissary went inside the house as if he traveled through time just by stepping in. The modern atmosphere suddenly leaves its place to artworks, aged pictures of long-gone people, worned-out paintings, and books from every era. Alp Er Tunga can only glimpse the serenity of the presence of a familiar place. He must start his journey through the pyramid behind him.

Chapter -8- Egypt
Alp Er Tunga can not hide his disgust when he sees the monumental pyramids rising from the sand. The machine has left him at a wrong timeline again. For a brief moment he could see an ongoing ceremony in all its magnificence. One of a sudden, the men of the Pharaoh close the view running towards him. He can hear the sneaky hiss of the serpents behind him very clearly. The only thing he can think of when he takes the sword in front and responds to incoming attackers is that he must find the other portal and jump to the right time.

Chapter -9- WW2
Sunshine leaking through the black clouds illuminates gunpowder batches. When he sees the fallen tanks that battled with each other, he understands that it is the right time. He stands in the middle of the second world war that changed the fate of the world with every drop of blood spilled. He has to correct his mistake that caused the corruption of everything that has been and will be experienced by destroying the commander.

Chapter -10- Island
Turtles are the unseen visitors of the warm beach where shore is sweeped by silent waves. The crabs are clicking their pincers while some tropical birds are floating in the sky like they are looking for something. Nothing but the barracks beyond the shore reveals the presence of terrorists who stole a part of the time machine. The janissary needs to find a portal to the factory where the stolen piece stays hidden by entering a conflict where winning is almost impossible.

Chapter -11- Secret Ocean
When Tunga jumps off the scaffold and dives in the ocean, he encounters many beautiful and dangerous sea creatures. The clue that will allow him to survive the island awaits him deep underneath the surface.

Chapter -12- Factory
Alp Er Tunga survives the fight and reaches the factory full of terrorists. He believes that the factory is his last chance to find the missing piece.

Chapter -13- Maya
He finds himself at the remains of the Mayan civilization. He is still furious and tired of his plans are not going as they should be so he wants to reach the portal as soon as he can.

Chapter -14- Wild West
On his last journey in time, the janissary finds himself in the wild west where foreigners are not even a bit welcomed. He must locate the portal near the gold mine by passing through cowboys and indians.

Chapter -15- Dinosaurs
The sun is about to set... Clouds are turned scarlet facing the sunset. He can hear primitive screeches hidden behind wild trees. Wild creatures running around that are larger, taller then they should be. Dinosaurs are staring around from the top of the trees. He knew from the very beginning how terrible it would be to play so much with time. He has to find a way home...

Risks and Difficulties

Depending on experiences we had with our former two video game projects that we marketed with similar procedures before, we don't expect to face any difficulties that we can not overcome with ease. Game visuals may differ from the latest product. If you consider to support our other video game projects:

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For more screenshots of the project, you can visit the official pages.

Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium

10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.

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