Minis: World's Smallest Oscilloscope

What is “Minis: Mobile Based, Pocket Sized Oscilloscope”?

Minis is the World’s smallest oscilloscope, created by Turkish engineers in Compocket. After struggling with the problems of oscilloscopes being too expensive and primitive, Minis aims to create a solution by completely changing the electronic measuring devices and making them accessible to everyone.




An oscilloscope is a measurement device that allows us to visualize the voltage change over time.

Today, oscilloscopes which are frequently used by the people who are interested in electronics, look just like microwaves or old radios.


 These devices, which take so much space in laboratories weigh around 3 kilograms and cannot be carried easily.

The display screens and buttons on these highly expensive devices make it very complex and difficult to use.





Minis converts these large, expensive and complex devices to pocket-sized and mobile-based versions using Industry 4.0 technology. Which means that you can now use your phone, tablet or computer by connecting to your Minis as an oscilloscope.



Minis aims to eliminate the complexity and learning barrier in oscilloscopes. The buttons on the oscilloscopes are transformed into finger movements according to their functions and a new interface is designed for that.

The buttons and functions in the oscilloscopes are integrated into the interface to provide the best measurement experience. Most frequently used buttons such as the vertical and horizontal move and scale buttons are converted directly into finger movements.


How Does Minis Work?


The only thing needed is to connect your phone, tablet or computer which the MINIS application is downloaded with a cable supplied to Minis.



Minis does not require you to connect to the power source, to set the calibration, to struggle with buttons.



A Simple Interface



With Minis's user-friendly application's interface, you can observe your measurements at your fingertips, you can work simpler as you wish. 




Electronics Experts: 

  • When repairing devices such as cameras, televisions, telephones,
  • When working on circuit design and manufacturing,
  • When performing R&D work,

 There is no need to spend hours alone in the lab or in the workshop, among large dusty devices.


Enjoy working with the functions you created yourself!


You can work in the time domain or frequency domain!


Now you can carry Minis in your pocket and work wherever you are and you can have a more comfortable and technological measurement experience with a practical use. 


Students and Makers:

You want to understand the basis of electronics and do something real outside of the school and build the projects of the future, but your budget is not enough for the expensive devices.

We had the same problem and we don't want you to have it any longer.

You can get a discount with your student ID and you can work on your projects with your friends at home, at the canteen, in the café anywhere you want. 


If you're not interested in electronics, you can still support young people to build the future!

In Turkey, there are more than 3,500 vocational high schools and around 2 million students studying there. Unfortunately, the oscilloscopes in these high schools are very old, not many or there is none. 

We have no doubt that there will be many young people who will build the technology of the future from our country. All we need is to create the right environment for them.

You can support our future by presenting by giving Minis as a gift to the vocational high schools.


What are the abilities of Minis?

Minis provides a faster and more efficient measurement experience!


Minis makes all the settings by itself and makes the signals meaningful in one touch!


Minis's embedded software is this easy to download and update!


Share your measurements instantly on all channels!


Technical Specifications 



Each Minis is manufactured with craftsmanship!







Our success confirms that we are on the right track!



  • Betapitch Global Startup Competition Finals - Berlin: Represented Turkey among 11 different country winners and got the 1st place by becoming winners of the global competition.
  • Yıldız Technical University Industry 4.0 And Digital Transformation Competition :  We got the 1st place.
  • Starcamp Sillicon Valley:  We went to Palo Alto, San Francisco where we met investors and got valuable feedbacks from mentors and beta users.
  • One of our co-founders İlayda, got selected as Young Tech Star in the competition "Women in Technology" by Microsoft, Aydındoğan and KAGİDER.
  • We got our first office and started working in Europe as we got accepted to Futurebox the leading hardware accelerator in Copenhagen.
  • We were one of the top 20 startups to present in Big Bang 2017.

For your questions, feedbacks or more information reach us: [email protected]

10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.