Solar Curtain: Smart Curtain That Generates Electricity

Do You Know That You Can Generate Electricity Through Your Curtain?

Solar Curtain is in mostly used foldable roman shade form and it is easy to install and enough to save 33% of electricity bills of family of 4.

We belive that everyone has rights to use solar energy freely. But nowadays you need a garden or enough space in your roof to use solar energy. But everyone may not have same opportunities. We developed Solar Curtain to make everyone take advantage from sun easily. You can generate electricity freely in every windows in every buildings.


The photovoltaic cells that used in the Solar Curtain are the most efficient commercially cells  that used in the world which have a 22% efficiency.

 You can keep under control the temperature of the environment through the special fabric, you can easily remove the solar panel with zipper on the curtain and clean the fabric.


 It is also possible to design customized, apart from the many different colors and patterns of the Solar Curtain.


   Solar Curtain Renk Seçeneği

The Curtain is very easy to use and has different control options. You can control the curtain manually, with remote control or mobile application.

The cable coming out of the curtain is connected to the power box and the cable coming out of the power box is plugged into outlet. So, the electricity produced by the curtain is distributed to other outlets in the space.You can charge your phone with the USB port on the power box , also you can illuminate your room with the night light feature of the power box.


You can have remote access to your curtain with that we developed mobile application.You can check the generated electricity momentarily, weekly and yearly reporting. Also you can see how many trees have been saved annually with electricity generated and how much you prevent carbon emissions.


The Solar Curtain is easy to install and use.You can install it on a cornice or assamble it comfortably on the wall.You can mount the curtain easily after cleaning the fabric through the velcro section on it.









White, pink, blue and yellow colors are available. Please indicate colors when you order.








10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.