FlaX 3D Filament Extruder

The FlaX 3D printer is a recycling-focused filament production machine that can be used with pleasure by anyone interested in production, especially users.

FlaX is the filament production machine which is focused on recycling that anyone interested in production and especially 3D printer users can use with pleasure.

FlaX which started designing in 2017, has successfully completed all tests in one year and has become available in homes and Maker workshops.

FlaX makes production on its own, but it has two team-mates to help you to get your work faster and running more organized.



It is actually a reduced version of the industrial extrusion machine.

These machines have 50 meter production lines due to their working style and production capacity.

FlaX has succeeded in bringing this production line to a level to be able to produce on your table by reducing it to fit your home conditions.

Production Prosess;

  • The auger inside the machine takes the raw material from the funnel.

  • Drag to the area of the resistance

  • Provides filament flow from nozzle after melting

  • The cooling air bearing allows the filament to cool down and prevents it from prolonging during downward movement.

  • The raw material in the funnel cycles the process.


During this entire cycle, FlaX ensures that the filament is of the same quality in every production by continuously calculating the precise temperature and speed settings to keep within the limits you set.

Why FlaX?


The advantages you will have with FlaX will give you the opportunity to be one step ahead in your projects.

• Thanks to the filaments that you produce in your home, you will be able to design the product color and quality variety according to your wishes.

• While your production costs are falling, you can continue your projects without any size dimension.

• It is possible to use extra filaments produced with FlaX in order to generate income.

• Thanks to its fast production capability, you can determine the price of the filaments you produce and sell them by e-commerce method and you can make a profit with FlaX.

Ease of Use


The way of the using FlaX is quite simple. At the design stage, the facilities which allow the use of even the younger individuals are considered.

• The power button gives the main power.

• The red power button activates the resistors.

• The green power button moves to the motor.

• Right dial adjusts motor speed.

• Left dial adjusts the temperature setting.

• Lets you focus on your work by saving you from fine tuning.

• It controls all the settings in the background thanks to its domestic software.


Raw Materials


FlaX can produce filament from all kinds of scrap plastic or granular materials in the market, and you can enjoy your money by making filament from the products you have while contributing to the nature.

Color Selection

If you are working with FlaX, you do not need to buy a filament based kilogram for different color parts in your projects.

• Allows you to produce filament of your choice and the color you want.

• Makes you more creative and also provides economically more advantageous in your projects.

• You can produce colorful products with rainbow filaments that can create endless color combinations with the color pigments you will buy.

• You can produce as many colors as you can use with the part production technique and you can produce your products in different colors in your printers.

Color pigments allows you to define your colors.



FlaX is very fast in manufacturing, it has a production capacity of 1 kg filament per hour and saves you the time to wait for cargo, so you can spend more time on your projects and finish your work on time.

After the tests carried out by us, FlaX has been able to work continuously for 72 hours.

You can produce your filaments without interrupting your projects.

Production Quality

When producing FlaX, it uses FlaX WraPPer for layout and precision, so the filaments are produced with a precision of 0.03mm and the filaments produced are made to be matched to all printer brands by embracing the original FlaX pulley.

Raw Materials of Production;

    •   ABS Filament·    

    •   PLA Filament·     

    •   PVA Filament·   

    •  Nylon Filament·     

    •   eFlex Filament     

    •   Bronze Filament·     

    •   ePC Filament·     

    •   eMATe Filament·     

    •   eCOPPER Filament·               

    •   PETG Filament

    • Wooden Filament


Equipment of FlaX

With FlaX WraPPer (winder) and FlaX ShreDDer (crusher), you will be able to perform your operations in a shorter time.

• Using WraPPer during FlaX use only gives you a more precise and more organized environment.

• You can also produce with 0.3 precision without WraPPer, which means that you can only buy FlaX Filament Machine and create more economical solutions with one machine.

  • FlaX was designed as a stand-alone and making production capacity and its speed independent from ShreDDer and WraPPer.

  • FlaX ShreDDer converts your plastic products or pet bottles that you have collected in your house into raw materials.

  • Designed for recycling and suitable for home use, it works quietly and without vibration.

What Products Can You Convert?


• Domestic waste (PET bottle, plastic plate, plastic toys)

• Improper production waste (PLA, ABS, PETG, NYLON etc.)

By-products are optional and can be purchased later to create a more regular working environment and save time.


FlaX enables you to save money economically while providing raw materials for your products.

When you look at the filament prices in the market, you will have to pay a minimum of 80TL to 100TL per 1 kg filament and as the brand and quality change, price will keep increasing.

However, the filaments you produce with FlaX are completely priced according to your preference.

• If you prefer to produce filament from scrap PET bottles, your cost can be almost zero cost in proportion to your desire to protect nature.

• If you have FlaX ShreDDer, you can use granular raw materials to make a decay, but if you do not have ShreDDer, you can also produce with granular raw material.

• You can produce filament in any color by paying only 25 TL per kg for ready-made granular raw materials.

• It provides an economical use with an hourly consumption of 160W electricity.

• Switches off and on again the resistors at certain intervals during use to keep the power consumption low.



FlaX guarantees a 5-year change in the time of fault with new one.

In this way, even if your product fails, you can contact us and make us change your product with a new one and prevent your time wasting.


Risks and Challenges

In the first stage, the production capacity is limited to 900 machines per month. Due to the fact that the circuit boards for each machine produced are supplied from abroad and the inventory is difficult to make, the stocks are limited to 900 on a monthly basis. ARYATECH will increase the production capacity by eliminating this problem completely after printing of its own cards.






Risks and Difficulties

In the first stage production capacity is limited to 900 machines per month. Inventories are limited to 900 per month on the basis that circuit boards are supplied from abroad for each manufactured machine and making it difficult to stock.

10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.



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KURUCU ORTAK Makine Tasarımcısı Mazhar Zorlu Plastik Endüstri Meslek Lisesinde plastik teknolojileri üzerine eğitim aldı.


Filament Nedir?

Üç boyutlu baskı (3D printing), sanal ortamda tasarlanan üç boyutlu nesnelerin katı formda basılması işlemidir. Bu işlemi gerçekleştiren cihazlara ise üç boyutlu yazıcı (3D printer) denir. Baskılar birçok türde hammaddenin kullanılması ile yapılabilir. 3D yazıcılar için gerekli hammaddenin genel adına ise filament denir.

Peki filament nedir? 

Filament Latince “filum” kelimesinden türemiştir. Filamentin farklı alanlarda farklı tanımları vardır. Ticarette fiber ya da iplik; elektrik alanında akkor telli lamba ya da elektrik ampulü; biyolojide ise proteinlerin alt birimleri protein filamentleri olarak anılmaktadır. Peki üç boyutlu yazıcılar için filament ne anlama gelir?

Filament, kelime anlamı olarak iplik, iplik şeklinde ince uzantı, lif biçimde uzun oluşum gibi anlamlar taşımaktadır. Filament 3D yazıcıların hammaddesi olarak kullanılmaktadır. Üç boyutlu yazıcılarda iplik, kablo ya da lif şeklinde rulolara ya da makaralara sarılmış olan filamentler kullanılır.

PLA Filament

3 boyutlu yazıcılar filamenti eriterek ürünler basmaktadır. Günümüzde üç boyutlu yazıcıların kullandığı reçine gibi farklı hammaddeler de olsa en yaygın kullanılanları filamentlerdir. Bu filamentlerin farklı çeşitleri olmakla birlikte en fazla kullanılanların başında PLA gelir. PLA içeren filament çeşitleri mısır, şeker kamışı gibi bitkilerden elde edilen nişasta ile üretilmektedir. Bunun yanında bronz filament, naylon filament, ahşap filament gibi bir çok filament çeşidi de bulunmaktadır. PLA kullanılarak üretilen ürünler akrilik boya ile doğrudan boyanabilir.

ABS Filament

ABS veya diğer adıyla Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene yaygın bir termoplastiktir. Genellikle endüstride enjeksiyon kalıplama için sıkça kullanılır ve legolar, aletler, spor malzemeleri vb. ekipmanlar da üretilmektedir. ABS, müthiş yüzey işleme seçeneklerine sahip güçlü ve ısıya dayanıklı bir filamenttir. ABS filament ana maddesinin fiziksel özellikleri, dayanıklı yapısı ve hafif olması sebebiyle termoplastik polimer olarak endüstride sıklıkla tercih edilmektedir.

Filament Fiyatları

Filament fiyatları malzeme özelliklerine göre değişse de genel olarak uygun bir fiyat aralığına sahiptir.  3 boyutlu baskı yapmaya filament satın alarak başlayabilirsiniz. Filament satın alırken dikkat etmeniz gereken birtakım önemli unsurlar vardır. Nasıl bir baskı kalitesine sahip olmak istediğinizi ve elde etmek istediğiniz baskıyı nerede kullanacağınızı göz önünde bulundurmalısınız. Ayrıca baskıyı yapacak kişinin kimyasal maddelere ve kokuya olan duyarlılığı da önemli bir unsurdur. Baskı sırasında ihtiyaç duyulan ısı miktarı, gerekli tabla sıcaklıkları da önemlidir. Filament erime sıcaklıkları PLA için 210-220 derece, ABS için 250-260 derece aralığındadır.