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3D Printers have revolutionize manufacturing technologies and have evolved in the last 10 years. Many different 3D Printers have been released by many new companies. However, 95 percent of these 3D Printers had a single extruder and this could not reveal the true potential of 3D printer technology.

Co Print is a 3D Printer equipment that enhances the capabilities of any desktop (FDM) 3D Printer.

Co Print automatically changes the filament entering 3D printers, allowing your existing 3D Printer to produce multi-color and multi-material models in one print. Co Print works with virtually any 3D Printer on the market, combining filaments with 4 different colors and features to help you make sure your existing 3D printer.

Create your dream designs in 4 different colors.

Use soluble filament as support material when producing complex objects

Increase the functionality of the objects you produce by eliminating the single color limit for 3D Printing 


Produce industrial sizes with your 3D Printer with large print volume

This is not limited to what you can do with Co Print. Expand your production range by using filaments with different properties (soluble, copper, wood, carbon fiber reinforced filaments, etc.) together.


Single color and single material 3D Prints of Standard 3D Printers
Multicolor and multimaterial 3D Prints with Standard 3D Printers + Co Print

While designing Co Print, we aimed to create a product that anyone who can use a 3D printer can use. To do this, we have developed features that will allow you to easily print during the printing preparation stages and at the time of printing.

 Co Print 3D Printing Preparation Stages

But multi-filament 3D printing in a single print is'nt as simple as it seems. Some problems occur, such as filament entrapment and the detection of filament change moment. We have developed some solutions to overcome these problems and ensure that all 3D printers produce multi-filament prints.

In summary

The exact location and how much of each filament should be used is determined by the software and It automatically advances to the 3D printer according to the needs of the print and the color in the sequence is retracted to be sent. The melting residue at the end of the drawn-back filament is cut. Then, the next color is fed to the 3D printer. This process continues until the print is finished. This features enables the 3D printer to reliably produce multi-color and multi-material models while making hundreds of filament changes.

Co Print is at least 2x more affordable and effortless than current multicolor printing solutions such as painting single color print manually or 3D Printer with 2 Extruder. We also designed Co Print to work with all popular Desktop 3D printers. Co Print is compatible with different types of 3D printers as it does not require any hardware changes or modifications.

Box Content

Some of our achievements that helped us come from idea to final prototype:


  • Istanbul Commerce University Technology Transfer Office Incubation Office Support: We won the 1st place in the Innovative Product Design category in the Istanbul Commerce University "Innovative Design Competition", and we were entitled to receive 7500 TL cash and 1 week entrepreneurship training in New York.
  • Istinye University Technology Transfer Office Incubation Office Support: We were entitled to receive Personal Computer and Incubation Office Support as the 1st in Istinye University "Project Market".
  • Bilgiyi Ticarileştirme Merkezi Pre-Incubation Program: We were accepted to the Information Commercialization Center Pre-Incubation Program. We took part in BTM Stage XL.
  • Istanbul Commerce University Technology Transfer Office Incubation Office Support: We have been entitled to receive Incubation Office Support within the scope of Istanbul Commerce University "Supporting Technology Entrepreneurship" Program

Right now, we need your help raising funds to start our first production tour. The funds raised through this campaign will be used to purchase materials, develop the team and start building Co Print's first production line.

1. Design and Prototyping Processes

After our idea verification, we completed our technical design. We created our first prototype and tested our first prototype with two different 3D printers and different filament brands. After testing, we improved the design with optimization and changes. Now our final patented prototype is ready for mass production.

2. Supply Chain Creation Process

All parts except the electronic parts in Co Print are our own design. We designed these parts to be produced on a 3D printer. We regularly procured its external electronic and exterior design parts through domestic suppliers in our country.

3. Production Line and Assembly Process

For the assembly process, we will hire a separate workshop from the office we currently work in. After completing the funding process with your support, we will set up our production line and carry out the whole assembly of the machines there.




Thank you to the Bilgiyi Ticarileştirme Merkezi and TTO of Istanbul Commercial University for its continued support.

Thank you very much for the Deneyap Atölyeleri for their support in our demo video.

To everyone, especially our Mentors, who contributed to our idea with its valuable comments.

Finally, we thank you very much to our friends and family who support us every step of the way.

We would like to thank you Dear Designer for designing all the models we've used in this campaign.

Now we need your support to take the next step in achieving this goal. You can contribute by following us on social media and sharing with your friends.

If you have any questions, comments or more, you can contact us at 7/24: [email protected]

3D Printers can not Print Multicolor?

95 percent of 3D printers have one print edge, so they can produce in one color or material. So you can color monochrome prints by painting manually, or create prints in up to 2 colors with 3D Printers that have 2 print tips.

What does Multicolor and Multimaterial 3D Printing mean?

Co Print 4 lets you create 3D prints by combining filaments with different colors and features. You can also combine filaments with different properties (soluble filament, flexible filament, etc.). This makes the models you create a multi-color - material print. Existing 3D printers do not have filament exchange units that allow for multiple filaments to be used together, so we would like to point out that Co Print is actually an equipment that increases the capacity of your 3D printer.

Can Co Print work with my 3D Printer?

We’ve designed CO Print to work with all popular Desktop 3D printers. Co Print is compatible with different types of 3D printers as it does not require any hardware changes or modifications.

What changes will I need to make to my current 3D Printer?

To use Co Print with your existing 3D printer, it's simple to set the Limit Switch in a convenient location on the 3D printer. You can also use the Extruder Gear that we'll ship in the box with Co Print if your printer's Extruder Gear is so that it can cause a jam during the filament change.

Does Co Print work on my 3D Printer using 2.85 mm filament?

Co Print is also compatible with 3D printers using 2.85 mm filament. We will deliver the appropriate Co Printi upon your order.

What filaments can I use with Co Print?

PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, soluble, other filaments with phosphorus and additives (conductor, wood, carbon fiber, copper, etc.) produce multi-material models by using them in one print.

Co Print is best used with which brand of filament?

Co Print works with Filament of all brands. We conducted the tests using many different filament brands and all of them were good. We achieved the best results when using filaments from the same brand, but by using filaments from different brands with Co Print, we also made the necessary adjustments and then achieved a successful result.

What does the Cleaning Tower do?

Multicolor and multi-material prints form a cleaning tower at each filament change to clean the previous filament and ensure flawless color transitions. Testing applications that will minimize filament waste.

Are taxes included or not?

All taxes are included in our prices of all Co Print devices. 

How can I make the payment?

Currently, you can pre-order our devices through our crowdfunding campaign on the website Once you choose a reward package, you will proceed to the secure payment page.

Can I pay with PayPal / credit card?

To date, payment for Co Print devices through is made only by credit card. Nevertheless, after finishing our crowdfunding campaign you will be able to shop directly from our website and pay for purchases either by credit card or PayPal according to your preferences.

Can I pay after getting the device I ordered?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Before you get any of our devices, you must order them through the and pay the total cost of chosen devices plus delivery price (except delivery inside Turkey) online by credit card. Only after that your order will be sent to your address. 

Is it safe to pay on

It is absolutely safe to pay through for some reason. First of all, it is a proven professional crowdfunding website which many domestic startups and their funders have been relying on for many years. Moreover, Arıkovanı uses advanced secure payment technologies to make all transactions safe for users. Arıkovanı is a platform that is connected to TURKCELL, the biggest communication company in Turkey. 

Do you use my personal information for collecting data?

We don’t use any information about our consumers for collecting data. All personal information of Co Print users doesn’t subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes, you can track your delivery and follow our updates through this page.

Risks and Difficulties

While designing Co Print, we experienced many production risks during the prototype stage and we tried to create our final prototype in a way that does not pose risks in terms of supply chain, quality control and performance. For this, we obtained the same product from many suppliers at the prototype stage and carried out tests. In order not to have problems in product supply, we have determined replacement suppliers and manufacturers. We tried to create a design and production line suitable for mass production in order to make faster production during the assembly phase and to send your orders on time. During the quality control phase, we will test each product several times in order not to have any problems with the products we will deliver, and we will send our product to you in a way that it can work without problems for a long time, but we will be with you in any problem. In addition, we plan to increase our stocks and prevent possible delays in procurement. In addition, we have prepared educational videos in the installation and printing preparation section and we will try to contribute to you by regularly producing content on social media. We will notify you of any updates after the order.

10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.

Fatih Kazım Duymaz


[email protected]

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