Bulut Board | Coding Kit for Children

Tablets, computers and smartphones are part of our everyday life. Our children are beginning to meet with technology at a young age. During the thinking of how we could  they can write their own code by using these technologies, the BulutBoard was created.

What is the BulutBoard?

BulutBoard is a coding and electronic educational kit that contains many application modules such as light, temperature, microphone, distance, graphic display, bluetooth etc which affect all the senses of children. Our children can do funny applications by interacting the modules with each other on the BulutBoard. 

Whıch Applications On The Bulutboard?

There are 10 different application modules internally on the BulutBoard. You can do stand alone applications with each one, as well as integrated applications with using each other. Examples   are waiting for you. What do you think of coding your own snake game?

BulutBoard is an open source platform. It is designed by using ARDUINO UNO interface. Therefore, you can easily use ARDUINO visual programming software. All you have to do is encode it and load it into BulutBoard.


BulutBoard is a open software and open hardware platform.

The BulutBoard is compatible with all the software that supports ARDUINO platform. ARDUINO IDE, mBlock, S4A, Visual Studio, Atmel Studio, and Eclipse software can be used for your codes.

Windows, Linux or MAC OS is supported.


1. Can I use BulutBoard with ARDUINO IDE software?

Yes. there is ARDUINO UNO internally on the BulutBoard. Therefore, you can easily use it with all software that supports ARDUINO. For example, Mblock, Scratch, S4A, Atmel Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio...

2. On which operating system can I use the BulutBoard?

You can use the BulutBoard in Windows, Ma OS and LINUX operating systems.

3. Which modules are optional on the BulutBoard?

The Bluetooth module and SG90 Mini Servo Motor on the BulutBoard is optional.

While these modules are found in the Maker Kit, they are not available in the Starter Kit. All other features are available in both sets.

4. Is there a difference between Mr. and Mrs. BulutBoard?

No. All the features of both boards are the same. There are only two differences. First, the robot figure on the BulutBoard is designed as a man and a woman. The second is the colors of the plexiglass material, which is the protector under the BulutBoard electronic circuit. Mr. Bulut is also blue and Mrs Cloud is pink.

5. How can I energize the CloudBoard?

You can energize and operate the BulletinBoard in two different ways. These are USB and external adapter or battery. The BulutBoard will automatically detect and energize any of these, if it is connected. Energization with adapter is in DC 7-12V range. It can also be operated with a 9V battery to make it portable.

6. Which applications can I run with BulutBoard?

Dozens of applications designed for the BulutBoard, are waiting for you. After you got BulutBoard, you will be able to access these applications from our product web page, if you wish, you can reach them from its CD.

Also, since BulletinBoard has internal ARDUINO, it is possible to run all applications tha can be made with ARDUINO.

7. Which age groups can use BulutBoard?

Coding training starts in the secondary school. BulutBoard is suitable for use from these age groups.  With an instructor or at home, students can write their codes and run applications.

From this age group, anyone who is at high school, university or later age group and who wants to have fun entry into the coding world can use it.

8. Do I need to have electronic information before using BulutBoard?

No, BulutBoard is designed to enable the user to code without having electronic courses information. You can easily implement your applications with the user manual.

10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.

Mekatronik Lab


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MekatronikLAB ailesi olarak 2010 yılından bu yana, Türkiye'de yerli eğitim materyalleri tasarlayıp kullanıcılarımıza sunmaktayız

Mekatronik LAB


[email protected]

MekatronikLAB ailesi olarak 2010 yılından bu yana, Türkiye'de yerli eğitim materyalleri tasarlayıp kullanıcılarımıza sunmaktayız