Kartoon3D is an augmented reality based box game teaching Turkish, English, German letters, words and numbers (including decimal numbers) as well as four mathematical operations to anyone aged 3 or above. The game is also dyslexia friendly.  Played with cards, Kartoon3D teaches letters, words, numbers and mathematical operations through their pronunciation and also 3D visualization and animations.




As the world’s most comprehensive augmented reality application, Kartoon3D:

  • Facilitates learning languages.

  • Helps users for learning math.

  • Facilitates learning how to read and write.

  • Provides an individual and collaborative learning environment.

  • Is for everyone thanks to its dyslexia-friendly cards.

  • Enables an easy and permanent learning thanks to the visual content it offers.

  • Improves memory and intelligence.

  • Vocalizes letters, words, numbers and mathematical operations in Turkish, English and German.

  • Allows for forming over 2000 words and also mathematical operations thanks to the 160 letters and digits inside the box.



What is there in Kartoon3D?





Download the Kartoon3D application on your smartphone
or tablet.

Select Language

You need to let Kartoon3D know in which language you would like to use your cards. To do this, use the language preference menu on the upper right side of the screen.

Listen to Letters

If you leave a letter alone, you will see an image appearing over it. This image represents any object whose initial letter is same as the one you have picked. For instance, if your language preference is English and you show the letter “a” to the camera, you will see an apple over the card. If your language preference is English and you show the Turkish letter “ü” to the camera, you will see a red line, meaning that the English alphabet doesn’t have the letter “ü”.

Listen to Numbers

When you show the number cards to the camera, you will see some dots symbolizing the number you have picked. You will hear how this number is pronounced once you click on it.

Listen to Signs

Kartoon3D vocalizes for you the mathematical signs you will use in mathematical operations. Touch the signs and listen to learn which operation they represent.

Form Words

You need to place letters by each other in order to form words.

If you have put some letters together but the word is misspelled or doesn’t exist in the dictionary, all letters will turn to red. If you form a word that is already in the dictionary, all letters turn blue and Kartoon3D will play the animation associated with this word. You can use letters freely in both lower and uppercase.

Form Numbers

Place the digits together and form any number you like! Click on the sound icon next to the number or the translation buttons above the screen to finds out how this number is pronounced.

Perform Mathematical Operations

You can form mathematical operations by using digit cards and mathematical symbols. You can ask questions to Kartoon3D or validate an operation you’ve formed.

Touch the Animation

Touch the animations and start having fun!

Explore New Languages

Set your language preference to show Kartoon3D the words you’ve formed in different languages.


You can simultaneously form as many words as you want, left-to-right and top-to-bottom just like a puzzle.



What should you be careful about?


1) Kartoon3D places a dot on the upper left corner of each card. Thanks to these dots, you can easily understand if the direction of your cards is correct. After forming the word or mathematical operation you want, you need to check where on each card these dots are located.

2) Is the word you’ve formed in your selected native language?

3) Is the word you’ve formed included in the Kartoon3D dictionary provided in the box? You need to use only the words in this dictionary. (Note: Please visit our website for any updates on this dictionary or contact us for words you would like us to include in the dictionary).
4) Kartoon3D is afraid of darkness. Hence, turn the lights on while using it, and make sure that the cards are not blocked by your hands or the shadow from your camera.

5) If the cards are on top each other, Kartoon3D will not be able to read them until you separate them.



For Parents and Teachers

- You can learn languages together with your kids, and explore new words with much fun.

- You can organize fun learning activities for your class.



Test Kartoon3D

Download for free the Kartoon3D application for your Android or iOS device, print out the images below, show them to your camera and start having fun!

Click on the image to get it printed.










Risks and Difficulties

In designing Kartoon3D, our initial aim has been to eliminate the difficulties that our dyslexic friends face as they strive to learn. Today we are very close to turn Kartoon3D into a commercial product. However, Kartoon3D needs to be leveraged with different and fun learning scenarios so that it could be a lasting product. Learning scenarios to be added should have a structure to allow for adaptations as per the Kartoon3D user’s age and knowledge level. Moreover, we need your kind support to improve Kartoon3D to include, in addition to languages using Latin alphabets, even such languages with different alphabets as Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, and hence, become a global brand.

10 Ekim 2015

Project Launched.

Salih Özcan

Game Developer

[email protected]

1990 yılında doğdum. 2015 Kocaeli Üniversitesi Elektronik ve Haberleşme Mühendisliğinden mezun oldum.