What is Arikovani ?

What is Arikovani ?

Arikovani (means ‘Beehive’ in Turkish) is a crowdfunding platform that helps entrepreneurs to obtain the funds they need to execute their technology- or innovation-oriented projects from the society.


What is ?


The concept known as "crowdfunding" is a way to. create financial resources for projects. It helps the project owners to obtain the financial resources they need to create the products they work on by receiving small to large support from the members of the society rather than financing the projects with an investment of a single person or a company.

What does crowfunding look like ?


It would be right to consider crowdfunding as a type of collective work, an important element of the Turkish culture, carried out via online platforms within the framework of certain rules and obligations. The purpose of both practices is to solve problems of the society through mutual help.

Purpose of Arikovani


The main objectives of Arikovani are to increase domestic technology production of Turkey and to raise the social awareness on supporting the production of technology. For this purpose, it helps technology projects that address a real need or solve a real problem to reach their target audience and obtain their funding at early stages. If the society gets involved and helps to shape the technology projects at earlier stages, enables it to play a role in breakthrough innovations.

Examples in the World


Crowdfunding is used widely, especially in the USA and Europe. For example, both, the Oculus Rift project, the pioneers of virtual reality trend, and the Pebble smart watch project, the pioneers of wearable technology trend, were realized through donations obtained via crowdfunding platforms.

Arikovani Store


Turkey’s first marketplace dedicated to entrepreneurs, Arıkovanı Store presents Turkish entrepreneurs’ latest products in the commercial stage. Arikovani Store offers consumers the opportunity to own the most innovative technologies at an advantageous price and early on by ordering.

What are the criterias of projects?

Projects that have a prototype and meet Arikovani criteria may submit their application by using the online form on Arikovani platform.

  • Projects that are technology- and innovation-oriented
  • Developed for end users
  • Have a prototype built
  • Able to go mass production in short time
  • And have no previous sales activity may be posted on Arikovani platform.

Crowd Thinking

Projects with approved applications first go to "Crowd Thinking" phase. Here, the project meets with its target audience for the first time and gets the chance to evolve in line with the needs and demands of the community through receiving feedbacks from Arikovani’s community.

Project Application

Crowd Thinking




At the ‘Crowdfunding’ stage, the project meets with the public through Arikovani and can be supported by anyone, who wishes to do so. Project owners, whose project reaches or exceeds the targeted support amount after 60 days, are to deliver their determined rewards to their supporters on the date they promised.

In Case Of Failure

If a project fails to reach its target, the support amount will be returned to the supporters without any deduction. In case of such a failure scenario, the entrepreneur may rejoin Arikovani after completing the missing points of his/her project and making it more adequate to the needs of the target audience.

What Arikovani Is Not About ?

Project Owners,

  • Not an incubation center or an acceleration program.
  • Not a capital support center.
  • Not a business development center or consultancy firm.
  • Not an investor.


  • Not an e-business platform; its purpose is to help projects become reality.
  • Not an investment platform; you cannot become a partner to the project owner enterprise in return of your support.
  • Not a broker; it does not require commission fees from supporters and project owners in return of its services.

Things You Should Know


Arikovani, first priority to ensure the foundation of mutual trust in order to make sustainable the success of more projects.

For that reason, we all have issues.


  • Start !

  • Before you give your support to a project, you must be sure that you know everything about the project and the team behind it. For this, you may read the information on the project page, or if this is not sufficient, you may conduct a comprehensive online search or directly contact the project owner.

  • Before you give your support to a project, it would be good practice to read the comment section on the project page in order to know what others think about the project and the project team.

  • If you find anything contrary to Arikovani rules on any project page, you must report it immediately. Each and every reported project will be reviewed in depth by Arikovani curator team. Projects that violate rules will be removed from Arikovani immediately without any exception.

  • Arikovani is not an e-business platform. Your support will be used for the accomplishment of the project. Projects may suffer from delays, setbacks or even suspension.

  • Discover Projects

I'm a Project Owner

  • Start !

  • You may start a campaign on Arikovani only for technology- and innovation-oriented projects with ready prototypes.

  • You must be the owner and developer of the idea behind the project that you put on Arikovani. You may not start a campaign on Arikovani by using unauthorized copies of copyrighted or patented products.

  • Arikovani is not just a platform to make money or to grant funds without return. You must deliver the promised rewards and gifts to your supporters in return of their support.

  • Arikovani is not an e-business platform. Your support will be used for the accomplishment of the project. Projects may suffer from delays, setbacks or even suspension, you should support with this knowledge.

  • Project owners may not give any items that involve alcohol, gambling, firearms or other prohibited contents as a gift or reward.

  • Projects owners may not offer shares, reimbursement or other financial benefits to your supporters in order to raise funds to your project.

  •  You must have a well-prepared plan for the project that you want to submit for campaign. You must be realistic about the amount of support you need for your project and make the most effective use of it after collection.

  • You must not post any inaccurate content for your campaign. You must not mislead your supporters with exaggerated gifts. You must be transparent to your supporters.

  • You must not be emotional when reacting to respectful criticism towards your project, campaign promotion, gifts and rewards, and even your team and yourself. You must not forget that listening to criticism would help you develop your project even better.

  • You may start a campaign on Arikovani only for projects with ready prototypes. In other words, you should have produced the prototype of the project.

  • Start a Project


You may find detailed information about the project by visiting the project page. For other questions related to the project, you may contact directly the project owner via the project page. If you think your question may be relevant to other supporters and you want them to benefit from the answer, you may write your comments in the comment section of the project page.
Arikovani operates on the basis of reward-based crowdfunding. Therefore, each project offers many reward options. Once you've selected the reward you like from the project page, you may support the projects you like by completing the payment.
Arikovani does not get any commission from the amounts donated to the projects. Only the fees, collected by banks or other payment systems for payment transactions, are deducted from your donation and then transferred to the entrepreneur.
Arikovani monitors the production phase of the supported projects, but does not have any direct responsibility regarding their completion. Once determined the projects' compliance with the criteria, Arikovani allows them to get crowdfunding and acts as a bridge between projects and backers. If the project is funded successfully, the project owner will be liable to deliver the promised products to the supporters timely and completely.
If the project you supported fails to reach the target funding, your support amount will be returned to your account without deduction.
If the delivery date, specified on the project page, elapses and you still haven't received your reward, first you may check the project page for any delivery date updates that might have been made by the project owner. If there is no delivery date update, then you may directly contact the project owner or ask for information via the comment section of the project page.
Supports given to projects can be cancelled until 24 hours before the end of the campaign period. But please remember that the cancellation of your support will disappoint the project owner.
You can only get the reward you've selected through the support stage, and cannot get a share in the project in return of your support. Arikovani is not a share-based crowdfunding platform.
Arikovani is a crowdfunding platform. The funding to be accumulated here comes from the crowd. Therefore, your project must be suitable for crowdfunding.
You can understand whether or not your project suits crowdfunding by measuring its compliance with the following criteria. Your project must: Be developed for end users, Be able to present a real reward to its supporters, Have a ready prototype, Be able to complete final production in short time.
We, as Arikovani, can only promote technology- and innovation-oriented projects on our platform. Additionally, the project must be at prototype phase as a minimum.
You can apply by completing the project application form in Start a Project tab of arikovani.com. Your project will be evaluated by our team with regards to crowdfunding criteria, and you will receive a positive or negative reply.
You can check the status of your application by clicking My Projects tab on your Profile page. Additionally, you will receive an information e-mail upon completion of qualification phase.
Only our team can see your project at the application phase. There will be no problems at this phase. Then, if the process goes well and your project is opened for funding, everyone will be able to see your project. At this point, Arikovani does not carry out any actions and give any commitments regarding the protection of your project. If you wish, you may apply for patent and protect your project against stealing.
If the amount of funding at the end of the campaign is below your target, all the amounts will be returned to the supporters. If it reaches the target, all the amounts will be transferred to the project owner. There is no upper limit for funding. This way the projects can be in a better position financially and can be executed in a shorter time frame than expected.
Arikovani does not require any commissions or shares from the funds donated to the projects. Only the fee, collected by payment system providers, will be deducted from the funds before transferring them to the entrepreneurs.
Neither Arikovani nor any supporters, who have supported you on arikovani.com, can become partners in your company. They only get the reward that you've determined before.

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