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Zümi Programming Kit Teaches AI And Self Driving In An Easy Way

Personal assistants, driverless cars, mobile games, Google Maps and so on. Wherever you look there’s AI in it. Just like coding, learning how artificial intelligence works will soon become an inseparable skill in the workforce of the future. The Zümi programming kit wants to prepare you for tomorrow just now.

Zümi stands out as an educational kit that teaches artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technologies in a fun and engaging way. Thanks to the trainings shown step by step, you teach the programmable robot Zümi while learning these technologies. As with all machine learning technologies, the more robot learns, the more advanced it is.

Designed to provide an easy and economical self driving kit based on artificial intelligence, the Zümi robot can identify objects, make decisions and recognize hand gestures to follow your instructions. You can program it to go on a specific route . Moreover, as Zümi learns, he can create a new route by defining the obstacles in front of him along the road.

The programming kit will basically teach you these: Basic robotics, machine learning, mapping and navigation, machine vision, self-driving car decision making and Python coding language.

The Zümi programming kit, which has just won the CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award in the Robotics and Drone category , is currently raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign. The project, which set out with the aim of raising 50,000 dollars, has already raised over 60,000 dollars.

You can visit its crowdfunding page to get detailed information and pre-order.

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