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ZiiLock – Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock

Safety for bikers is always at the top. In addition to driving safety, anti-theft measures are very important. Conventional locks can be solved by thieves easily, which is insufficient for maximum security. But ZiiLock, a proactive bike lock brings biometric tech to folding locks.

The most prominent feature of ZiiLock is its military standards encryption system. This AES 256 standard makes it almost impossible to crack the password. The ZiiLock is 98 centimeters long and can be easily transported with its foldable form. This means you can tie your bike to large areas. You can continue your journey by releasing the lock in seconds with your fingerprint or Bluetooth.

The water-resistant smart lock is made of such a solid steel that it cannot be cut by a 12-ton hydraulic cutter. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year around the world, and ZiiLock was developed to prevent them. Combined with a method used in the manufacture of steel frames, parts of the bicycle lock ZiiLock are virtually impossible to tear without heavy industrial tools.

In addition, ZiiLock is not a silent defender. It activates the alarm system when there is a physical strain thanks to the sensitive motion sensor. And you are notified through its mobile application. Another feature of this smart lock system is that it can identify fingerprints to more than one person. If you share your bike with family or friends, you can also define their fingerprint so that they can easily access your bike.

ZiiLock, a project that has emerged through crowdfunding, is currently receiving much attention on the platform it is funded. It’s managed to raise more than $ 1 million in as little as 4 days. And now it is available to order.

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