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Young Kyrgyz Women Working on Country’s First Satellite

Of the 195 countries in the world, 72 have their own space agency. However, Kyrgyzstan is not among those countries. A group of young women entrepreneurs are now preparing to reverse it.

Kyrgyzstan is not only a hard country for space research, but also for women to live in peace. To draw attention to these problems, young women between the ages of 17-25 have a started Kyrgyzstan Space Program.

Their aim is to show the whole world that Kyrgyz women can do great things and to launch their first satellite into space! It’s really a great example of entrepreneurship.

The satellite that the young entrepreneurs want to launch is called a CubeSat or cube satellite, a small and less than 1 kg nano satellite.

Nano satellites, the most affordable satellite used in space research, cost around $ 150,000.

Young entrepreneurs are collecting funds through Patreon to make their goals a reality. Entrepreneurs who aim to collect $ 2,500 a month will use this money for both training and the costs of the satellite.

For detailed information on the Kyrgyzstan Space Program and to support this inspiring project of women, visit the Patreon pages.

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