You Supported, They Created: Here Are The Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs Of Turkey

On May 19th, we started Arikovani Young Entrepreneurs campaign in commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. High school students had the opportunity to showcase their innovative projects. The campaign has come to an end and the results are more than impressive.

As the mission of Arikovani is to support the local technology and foster innovation in the country, we have given a platform for young Turkish entrepreneurs to present their ideas and projects.

The projects of the students were presented on where the supporters were able to pledge virtual money in order to support a given project. The top three most funded projects won Alya 3D printers and Ape X drones. With Ape X drones were awarded all projects that reached their goal.

XCancer was the most supported project – it raised 58,575 AriCoins. In second place came IdeaSity with 52,775 AriCoins. And on third place came AlzhEv with 33,750 AriCoins. The participating young entrepreneurs raised altogether 247 thousand AriCoins.

The young entrepreneurs received many rewards, depending on the amount of AriCoins their projects have raised. The rewards included Outliers Notepad, Arikovani cups, badges and stickers.

Here are all the projects that took part in the Young Arikovani campaign. For detailed information about each project, click on their names.


xCancer is a virtual reality game where you clean up the cancerous cells in your body as a nanobot. It has been specifically developed to motivate children who are fighting cancer in childhood and to increase their beliefs that they will get cured of cancer.


Ideasity is a platform aims to bring together people, who have venture ideas and who want to pursue these ideas by developing it, with other people who have the equipment to carry out these ideas. One of the big problems for entrepreneurs is matching young minds who want to take part in venture teams with those who set up the “I have an idea but no team!” IdeaSity is a mobile application that we can call “idea galaxy”.


Alzhev is a smart home system aimed at helping Alzheimer’s patients in their daily lives.


Pingu is a mobile application built with artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms that will help elementary school students learn English in an interactive way and through visuals. The play technique that is used helps the learners to stay motivated and more focused.


Acticity is a mobile application designed to make the experience of concerts and festivals more enjoyable, bringing a new perspective to our digital habits. With Acticity, you can share your most precious moments with the people in your network. Moreover, you can easily view the most interesting concerts without getting lost in hundreds of events.


Pira is a modular drone platform the name of which comes as a combination of the number pi and the mythological figure Ra. Pira is the perfect choice for people, who want to use their Quadcopters for projects, education purposes, or as a hobby. The platform allows the users to make their own changes, to experience their drones in a new way, and to create their own projects.


The tar inside the cigarette butts can be used to produce highly efficient, enriched ethanol. It can be used in gasoline or ethanol powered internal combustion engines, in electricity generation, and in fuel-requiring industries. In short, it is a mixture that is used throughout the energy fields required for our life.


Rush is a social media platform that brings together gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Computer game players and gaming enthusiasts make new friends from around the globe to expand their game networks.


ÇiftçimYanımda connects agricultural producers and the end customers. The application makes it possible by decreasing the number of vehicles in the shopping process as it creates a platform where producers and end consumers connect.


KriptoKart is a card system that allows easily crypto money purchases from contracted local markets. The system, which does not require a bank account and authentication, allows you to transfer crypto money very quickly and easily.


LighTshirt is a futuristic brand that creates its own special designs that appeal to all ages by using the power of technology. The LighTshirt is basically an initiative that takes the first step in wearable technology, which is made up of lighted T-shirts.


Mediafriens is a social learning platform where the users get answers to their questions. With the people who are knowledgeable about the question you are asking, you can really find a solution to your problem and at the same time, you can network to learn more.


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