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Yomee Allows You To Make Homemade Yogurt Effortlessly

Yogurt is one of the most widely consumed dairy products. The origins of it are not clear to historians, yet it is believed that the earliest yogurt has been made around 5000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. Nowadays, we are aware of the many health benefits it has as it is rich in important nutrients, it is high in protein, and it strengthens the immune system.

But is all yogurt on the market as healthy as it should be? The quality of the mass produced product varies depending on the brand. Of course, the best yogurt is the homemade one. But how easy it is to make it at home? With Yomee making your own yogurt is extremely easy!

Three Simple Steps to Follow

Yomee is the world’s first automatic yogurt maker, which stands out with it Keurig-like design. All you need to do in order to make your own yogurt by using Yomee is to add the milk of your choice and a Yomee pod before you go to bed, leave the machine to do its magic, and enjoy in the morning your fresh homemade yogurt.

This is it – with Yomee, you just need to follow these three steps and you will have fresh yogurt made at home. Making your own yogurt allows you to control the ingredients that are used, but also lowers the cost by up to 70%.

Yomee is vegan-friendly

If you are a vegan or lactose intolerant but you still want to enjoy delicious yogurt, you can make it with dairy-free milk, using Yomee. When you place your order for Yomee kits, you just need to specify if you need the pods for dairy or non-dairy yogurt.

Crowdfunding Success Story

Lecker Labs, the US-based company behind the product, run a successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2017. The campaign was 489% overfunded with $185,681 USD total funds raised.

One of the most wanted perks was the Yomee Kit + 80 pods, which was available at a price of $138 USD + shipping. The estimated delivery date is in August 2018.


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