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Xiaomi’s Smart Rice Cooker Has Raised Over 1 Million Yuan

The technology giant Xiaomi doesn’t only produce smartphones, tablets or smartwatches. It also develops different products targeting Asian countries, especially its own country. Just like a rice cooker.

Cooking rice seems very easy at first glance, but it is not always possible to achieve full consistency. Who wants to eat porridge or crunchy rice. Not Chinese or Japanese people who love rice a lot!

So Xiaomi developed a smart rice cooker for these people. This is not the first rice device developed by the company. The first one named MIIJA IH Rice Cooker was released two years ago which was a huge success. Building on this success, Xiaomi has now introduced a new version.

Introduced to customers through a crowdfunding campaign, Xiaomi released a more affordable and compact product this time. And it has raised over 1 million yuan in funds just after an hour of the beginning of the campaig.

Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to store, and move. With a power output of 400W, the device offers different cooking modes such as quick cooking, full cooking, strong cooking and slow cooking. The device also monitors the cooking temperature at all times and automatically adjusts to prevent overflow. The device also comes with a long-term insulation.

The rice machine can also be paired with the MIIJA mobile app, so you can control the machine remotely. Xiaomi seems to have thought well about those who don’t like to spend time on cooking.

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