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xArm: Most Cost-Effective Intuitive Industrial Robotic Arm

Robotic arms have been working on production lines for many years to fulfill various tasks. These robots, which save time and cost, have some disadvantages either. For they are too big, they need to have bigger body to carry those big arms. They are therefore not suitable for smaller businesses.

Determined to eliminate these disadvantages, UFactory has developed a smaller-sized, more cost-effective and versatile robotic arm named xArm. It comes in three different options depending on different number of joints and payload capacities.

All three arms can reach a range of 691 mm. Covered with carbon fiber to be lightweight, robotic arms have universal mounts and thus different tools can be attached.

UFactory says the xArm is capable of repeating precise movements within 0.1 mm. For safety’s sake the xArm 6 and 7 also have built-in collision detection, stopping them dead in half a second if they bump into something or someone.

UFactory says that xArm can repeat precise movements within 0.1 mm. It also has an built-in collision detection for safety. When the arms hit something or someone, they stop in half a second.

UFactory has also developed a software package called xArm Studio that allows users to program robots for various tasks. With a simple block-based drag-and-drop encoding interface, users can put the arms in desired positions and tasks. The software is compatible with Windows, iOS, Linux and Android devices.

XArm follows the footsteps of UArm Swift and Pro devices previously developed by UFactory for home use. And just like them, they come to life through a crowdfunding campaign.

The project, which set out with the aim of collecting $ 50,000 in funds, has already raised more than 600,000 dollars. xArm’s pre-order prices start from $ 2,299.

Here you can get more information about the project.

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