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World’s First Commercial Electric Airplane Took Flight For The First Time

We are witnessing a period of rise in electric vehicles. Another successful progress has been made by an airplane company. World’s first commercial electric airplane, operated by Harbour Air and MagniX, took flight in Canada and made history.

Operating a fleet of half a million passengers a year, Harbor Air flew the electric seaplane along the Fraser River for 15 minutes. The aircraft used in this flight became the first electric aircraft built for commercial use.

“Today, we made history,” said Greg McDougall, CEO and founder of Harbour Air Seaplanes. “I am incredibly proud of Harbour Air’s leadership role in re-defining safety and innovation in the aviation and seaplane industry. Canada has long held an iconic role in the history of aviation, and to be part of this incredible world-first milestone is something we can all be really proud of.”

Beginning Of A New Era

Electric airplanes indicate the beginning of a new era and promises many innovations. Low operating costs and zero emissions are among the most important advantages of electric vehicles. However, it is a fact that there is a greater engineering challenge than cars and trains. Large batteries and engines are required for an electric airplane to fly and sustain.

Harbor Air says the ultimate goal is to transform more planes to electrify more than 40 fleet of seaplanes. The airline says it could last up to two years. Since the batteries of the airplane currently developed are limited to 100 miles, there are a number of issues that need to be overcome in relation to the range of aircraft.

“We have not yet reached the range we want. But even the point we have reached is enough to start this revolution.” said Roei Ganzarski, CEO of MagniX.

Yes, the electric plane for commercial use has made its first flight and is expected to exceed range limits on electric powered flights after this exciting development. A non-commercial electric plane crossed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in 2017 as part of a world tour.

In recent days, a commercial electric plane in Vancouver, Canada, was the first to be seen as an exciting development for the coming period.

Take a look at the first flight of Harbour Air’s all-electric DHC-2 Beaver below.

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