WeWALK Smart Cane For Visually Impaired People Is On Stage At CES 2019

WeWALK, the Turkey-based smart cane project, took the stage at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019). The world’s first smart cane was of great interest.

Successfully crowdfunded on Arıkovanı in 2016, WeWALK continues to see great interest worldwide. The smart cane project has been given many different awards so far, including the Edison Award in 2018.

WeWALK, which has been carrying out this success in 2019, was picked as one of the “22 Innovative Technology Startups To Watch At CES 2019” by Forbes.

CES 2019 now began and the smart cane was of great interest among hundreds of brands and technology products. At the show where the leading technologies exhibited, the smart cane, which was developed with the contributions of YGA and Vestel, was introduced to the world through CNN International. Kürşat Ceylan, the leader of the project, explained the features of WeWALK, which revolutionized the way for the visually impaired people.

The world’s first smart cane WeWALK offers three revolutionary features: Obstacle detection, phone integration and open platform.

The obstacle detection feature detects and warns the user of obstacles at breast and head level such as signs, poles, branches, etc.

The phone integration feature simulates the phone screen and enables phone control when connected via Bluetooth.

Open platform feature is the ability to integrate with all mobile applications. Thus, new features can be added each passing day.

It’s on sale for $350.

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