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Up Your Crowdfunding Game or Why Bringing Millennials on Board Matters

In the recent years, we have witnessed a significant change in the way business is done, especially in the investment world. With the growing popularity of crowdfunding, entrepreneurs begin to understand the importance of “thinking differently” not only when it comes to fundraising, but also when it comes to marketing, where storytelling plays an important role.

Due to the growing impact of social media, storytelling has dramatically changed through the years and slowly but surely has become a powerful way for entrepreneurs to engage their audience, create campaign and brand awareness and attract more supporters and brand advocates.

Undoubtedly, the generation that is the best in embracing and developing new approaches when it comes to staying connected and building relationships are the millennials. This is the reason why attracting millennials to your crowdfunding campaign can increase your chances of success.

But bear in mind that appealing to Generation Y is never easy, yet they have much to bring to the table. Why bringing millennials on board matters?

The Platforms

Even the greatest story may stay unnoticed on social media if it is not appropriately channeled. Nowadays, it is not just about posting an update, it is important to know on which platform to do that in order to reach the right people. Millennials are the kings and queens of social media! They know where to tell what – which story is the best to be told on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. They know the platforms well and are the masters of turning stories into trends.

The Community

Building a community around your campaign is extremely important, but growing a community is hard. By having millennials on board, you automatically reach their network of followers. And it is no secret that most millennials are very well-connected online.

The Ease

Probably one of the most important parts of having millennials on board is the way they share stories, making it all look so natural and effortless. For millennials the online connection is something that they have grown up with, so for them expressing themselves online to a broader audience is something very natural. Telling a story with ease automatically makes it more appealing, which is something very important for crowdfunders, who want to establish emotional connection between their campaign and their audience of potential supporters.

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