Unleash your screen with Wollox Pro

With the rapidly developing technology, every device we use becomes more interactive. Just 50 years ago, when we were using black and white televisions without even a remote control, today we have been able to draw on TVs and interact with them remotely. At this point, Wollox Pro started a crowdfunding campaign on Arıkovanı and is waiting for your support.

Thanks to its unique technology, Wollox Pro allows you to use your ordinary TV or projector as a tablet or smart board. One of the most user-friendly features is that it can run on any operating system and does not require additional software. It can be used easily after a 15 second calibration.

How is it working?

When using the Wollox pen on the screen, smart sensors powered by artificial intelligence follow the light pool in front of the screen in pixel detail. It allows the screen to become interactive and touchable by transferring every movement to the computer simultaneously.

All you need to do is to place the Wollox sensor with the USB facing the screen via USB. After 15 seconds of calibration, you can perform any operation on the screen with the Wollox pen.

Where can you use it?

Home: Make your home TV interactive with Wollox. Write, draw and edit on it freely like a smart board.

School: Make your classroom boards interactive with Wollox projectors. Write, draw, edit like a smart board.

Work: With Wollox, interact with the projection boards in your meeting rooms. Write, draw, edit like a smart board. Make your presentations more effective!

Wollox Pro, which makes projectors and televisions interactive, is now in crowdfunding stage on Arıkovanı. You can review the project page by clicking here and contribute to the project by using pre-order opportunities.

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