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Turn Your Photos Into 3D Photos With The Help of AI

AI world continues its development without stopping. Now we have a new initiative in this world: Depth of field and 3D photo effect from single camera with AI magic.

Called DPTH, the AI-powered app adds adjustable Depth Of Field and 3D photo effect to any image. It uses AI to predict depth on single image. So you can get pro looking pictures without dual-camera devices.

You can take photos from a DPTH’s camera or select one of the photos in your gallery and edit them easily. When you add your selected photo to DPTH, the application automatically processes the photo, stating that the process can be completed between 10 seconds and 1 minute.

DPTH, which sends you a notification immediately after the process is completed, offers you a new photo so that you can add your new depth of field. You can also view all the details of the photo that has been edited via the Depth Map and settings options on this screen.

At this point, you can easily change the depth, blur or distance of the picture via the settings. You can experience these changes on the Depth Map as well as directly on the new processed image. In the next step, you will be able to share the new depth perceptual image easily on social networks or to save them directly on your phone.

But we have to add; DPTH logo is added to the images you share and save. If you do not want this logo to appear on your images, you have the right to switch to the Pro package by paying $4.99. You can also take advantage of all those features such as high resolution visual download, Depth Map download and 3D animation with this one-time payment.

Here you can download the application and get detailed information.

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