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Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Witnessed Suzuki’s Playful Concept Cars

Tokyo Motor Show 2019, which was held recently, was marked by the vehicles of the future. The concept vehicles that Suzuki announced at the show were highly acclaimed. Suzuki’s playful and futuristic concept cars give a new perspective to the understanding of classic cars.

Among the vehicles introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, which introduced new model vehicles of many big brands, the most striking ones were autonomous vehicle models. The concept vehicles, which companies apply the next generation of technology on cars, are also introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show.

One of the automobile giants participating in the Tokyo Motor Show was Suzuki. The technological vehicles that the Japanese automobile giant unveiled as a concept received great interest in the event. Suzuki participated in the event with two different types of Suzuki, named “Hanare” and “Waku Spo”, with which Suzuki is determined to radically change the understanding of classic cars.

suzuki waku spo

No Specific Symmetry

The first of the vehicles introduced by Suzuki, Waku Spo, is 370 centimeters long and does not have a certain symmetry. The bodywork of the vehicle is quite long, while the luggage compartment is very minimalist. The most striking feature of Waku Spo is that it can change shape. Waku Spo changes the shape of a button and becomes a station wagon.

Hanare, which means “country house” in Japanese, seems to earn its name. The vehicle stands out with its internal structure looking like a home as well as its shiny and cute external design. There is no cockpit or driver’s compartment in the vehicle. The Hanare is completely autonomous and controlled by a 60-inch screen.

We don’t know when or ever Suzuki plans to release these cars. Perhaps these vehicles won’t be available to consumers. But we would like to see such stylish vehicles on the road in the future.

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