Hints For Crowdfunding

Three Traits That Will Make You More Successful in Crowdfunding

The competitive crowdfunding space makes it important for the entrepreneurs to look for ways to up their game when it comes to raising money from the crowds and attracting supporters to their projects.

In order to make their campaigns stand out from the crowd, it is essential that the entrepreneurs bet not only on crafting a compelling campaign message and distinctive call-to-action but also on embracing the right attitude.

The entrepreneurs, who are successful in crowdfunding, value the importance of their presence in the campaigns – from explaining their inspiration for the product through building the trust to responding to feedback and so on.

There are some personal traits that are very important when it comes to running a crowdfunding campaign and being a successful entrepreneur in general. The following three traits stand on the top of the list:

Clear goal-setting

Setting clear measurable goals isn’t as simple as it sounds. Many entrepreneurs fail to define their goals or set goals that are not in alliance with their values, mission, and business direction.

Precise goal setting is extremely important in crowdfunding; it can make or break your campaign. Setting the goal too low or too high can lead to unsatisfying results. Aspiring entrepreneurs who have a clear view over how much money they want to raise, why this amount is enough, and how the money will be spent, are achieving better results in crowdfunding.


Being open to new ideas is extremely important for entrepreneurs. Embracing new ideas, suggestions, along with the ability to think out-of-the-box is what separates the leaders of innovation from the rest of the entrepreneurs.

In crowdfunding, being open to the feedback you receive from the supporters is essential. Even if your campaign is not successful, the collected feedback is a great source of information and a stepping stone for improvement.


If you want to thrive in the entrepreneurial world where the competition is so tough, you need to have impeccable discipline. You can’t work hard one day and slack off for two days and expect everything to go smooth.

The same is with crowdfunding – you can’t do the work one day and forget about the campaign for a week. Crowdfunders must be consistent in their efforts – from following the initial strategy and its steps through posting updates to responding to comments. Being disciplined in your efforts is the right path that leads to growth and success.

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