Hints For Crowdfunding

Three Practical Steps for Planning Your Packaging

For many entrepreneurs, product comes first. However, ventures like crowdfunding require a holistic approach that you need to care every process. And the packaging process is one of the most important process that you should include in your plans.

When we say crowdfunding, we are talking about a support-reward-based, pre-order system. You will hand over your product in return for the amount of funds you receive from the backers. People pay their hard earned money for it. And no one wants to see something he paid in a package that was not well crafted.

Product packaging is not as difficult as it sounds, but it is not simple enough to be neglected either. However, if you take these suggestions into consideration, you will overcome it with success.

Budget Planning

How much of your money should you spend on packaging? The optimum rate 1-3 percent. In other words, you should set aside between 1-3 percent of your total funds for your packaging budget.

Choosing the Right Package

You have determined the budget and it’s time to choose the right package. First, choose a material that will allow your product to go in one piece. This includes extra compartments and preservatives in the package.

The job does not end here, of course. It’s also important how your package looks. That means branding. Branding isn’t pasting your logo anywhere. You must have a package design that reflects the idea and spirit behind your project or product.

Shipping Costs

We’re at the end of the process. If you don’t plan correctly, shipping can be the most costly part of the process. There are two points to pay attention to in the shipping costs; weight and size.

For example, you will send a T-shirt. It would be much more cost effective to send it with a sleek design wrapping instead of a box. Be sure to select the optimum package size for your product.

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