The World’s First Electronic Flashcard Quizflip Makes Focused Learning Even Better

Even though many people find it boring, studying with flash cards is quite effective. Flashcards make the process of memorizing new information more efficient –  they are comfortable to use as they are portable, an awesome way for self-testing, and help you discover what information you need to focus on. Also, flashcards can be really fun!

So, it was just a matter of time technology to have an impact on the traditional flashcards. There is now a product that redesigns flashcards – it is called Quizflip and the project is currently raising money via crowdfunding.

The World’s First Electronic Flashcard

Flip is the world’s first electronic flashcard that makes focused learning much easier. Flip uses powerful spaced repetition learning algorithms that make it easier to learn unlimited topics by creating your own cards.

The device is easy to carry as it can fit in a shirt pocket. It supports over 30 languages and alphabets, which broadens widely the specter of information you can study on it. It also supports black and white images, so you can easily include them in your cards.

One of the biggest advantages that Flip has over smartphone learning apps is the distraction-free learning – no constant social media app notifications will steal your attention. And you don’t have to worry that your flashcard usage is draining your phone’s battery (the device itself has 10-days battery life!).

A Crowdfunding Journey

Quizflip is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise $65,000 USD. 24 days until the end of the campaign and it is already 81% funded – to this moment, $52,804 USD are raised by 662 backers. Way to go, Flip!

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