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The World’s Dirst 3D-Printed Electric Motorbike

Do you think 3D printers can only print small objects like toys and figures? Then meet Nera, the world’s first 3D-printed electric motorbike.

From the chassis to the airless tires all the parts are completely combined with 3D printing technique. Nera has 15 different 3D printed parts, including chassis, seat, suspension and tires.

The aim of the Nera project is to show what the 3D technology is capable of. “Our aim is to show designers, engineers, architects and consumers what 3D printing is.” said Stephan Beyer, CEO of Nera’s manufacturer BigRep.

Nera is not on sale yet, but the BBC says the 3D motorcycle will be sold for about $ 2,600 when the time comes. It is also stated that the motorcycle that is currently in the prototype phase will soon go out to the real world.

Nera has an extraordinarily bold design with very sharp futuristic angles, far beyond the motorcycle designs we are used to. Beyers attributes these courageous choices to the possibilities of 3D printing.

He says, “The best part of 3D printing is that you can eliminate these limitations. So you can create completely new design sets and objects with new features. It is not possible to reveal this design in traditional ways.”

Take a look at the concept video below to check how Nera will look in the real world.

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