The Smart Security Ring Wing Successfully Completes Its Crowdfunding Campaign

Wing, the smart security ring, created with the idea to keep women safer outside, has successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign on Arikovani.

Designed as a stylish ring, Wing serves as a panic button that can be used in an emergency situation. It has an automatic button, which makes an emergency call after being pressed.

Through the Wing mobile application, the user sets the number, which the call or SMS will go through in case this button is pressed. To send the signal, a short press of the button for 3 seconds is enough and the signal will be sent.

The users, who have been chosen as contacts and who have downloaded the app, can view the location of the Wing user in real time on the map.

The design of Wing is stylish and can be used as an accessory. The ring can be charged via USB and its battery life lasts up to 2 weeks.

The crowdfunding campaign of Wing was successful – It had a target of 100,000 TRY, but it raised 101,719 TRY from 160 supporters. It is expected the pre-orders to be fulfilled by March 2018.

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