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The Search For The New Earth Continues With Project Blue Second Crowdfunding Campaign

Do you remember Project Blue crowdfunding campaign that was launched at the end of 2016? Now the initiative that has the goal to find Earthlike planets around the Alpha Centauri star system has launched yet another crowdfunding campaign to continue with its mission!

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The first campaign was launched on Kickstarter and was unsuccessful to reach the target of $1 million USD, raising $335,597 USD by 1,501 backers. The second time around things might be different as Project Blue has received the support of technical experts and resources from BoldlyGo Institute, Mission Centaur, the SETI Institute, and the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Project Blue is a privately funded mission in a search for habitable worlds in Alpha Centauri. As the Earth’s closest stellar neighbor at only 4.37 light-years away, Alpha Centauri is believed to have great opportunity to find Earthlike planets.

The fact that it is a home for two stars that resemble the Sun very closely makes the scientist believe even more at the odds to find what they are looking for.

This time launched on Indiegogo, the Project Blue second crowdfunding campaign has a flexible goal of $175,000 and to this date has raised 37% from it.

The team behind Project Blue needs the support of the crowds to make their mission possible as, of course, it isn’t simple. The funds will be used to establish the initial requirements of the mission, including the initial system architecture and complex computer simulations to test the design.

If you want to be part of discovering the new Earth and learn more about Project Blue and support the initiative here.

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