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The Most Funded Accessory In The History The Smart Belt Returns With 2.0

Last year, the two great minds behind Harmattan Design, the talented and innovative creators Holt Evans & Radu Zarnescu made crowdfunding history with their invention The Smart Belt 1.0.

The crowdfunding campaign of the 1.0 was backed by over 12,000 backers who raised almost $1,200,000 USD and became the most funded fashion accessory in the world. Now the two creators enter back the crowdfunding scene with The Smart Belt 2.0.

The founders used the momentum and turned the success of their 1.0 campaign as a stepping stone to improving the product by collecting feedback from their backers. The feedback helped them to understand what the customers really would like to see in a more advanced edition of the product.

This is how the awesome features of The Smart Belt 2.0 like more color and more buckle finishes came to life.

What Makes The Smart Belt So Special?

The biggest innovation behind the product is actually quite simple – The Smart Belt offers more adjustability and twice the range. The two founders have offered something to the world that had to be offered long ago – more comfortable belt. How did they achieve that? They have replaced the 5-hole system with 32 adjustments.

The belts are made of Italian vegetable tanned leather and scratch resistant coating, making the production of the belts not just eco-friendly and traditional but also rare and exotic.

The ability to choose your custom DIY size is why The Smart Belt always fits perfectly.

But the biggest innovation that makes 2.0 to stand out from 1.0 is the availability of more colors and more buckles. The customers have asked for it so the founders have responded accordingly. This is one of the best crowdfunding practices – use the feedback to improve the product and make everybody happy. And Evans and Zarnescu have done that very cleverly!

The Smart Belt 2.0 crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed its $10,000 USD initial funding goal. 59 days to go and the campaign has already raised over $60,000 USD by 649 backers, which marks the start of a fascinating crowdfunding journey.

The Smart Belt 2.0 campaign is a proof that collecting feedback from the backers is one of the most important non-financial perks of running a crowdfunding campaign. Don’t forget to use the momentum!

Cover photo credit: Kickstarter

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