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The Most Advanced Gaming Keyboard Digma Raise Is The New Best Friend of Professional E-sport Athletes

The gaming industry is blooming. It is rising to the top, attracting more and more professional E-sport athletes, gamers and enthusiasts. In the past years, E-sports have taken by storm a big part of the gaming industry. They are attracting more and more attention and grow much faster than anyone has predicted.

E-sport athletes and gamers look for the best gadgets to help them improve their performance, but also to be comfortable. Finding the perfect keyboard plays a key role in the lives of gamers, no wonder why Dygma Raise is that well-accepted in the crowdfunding world.

Dygma Raise is the world’s most advanced gaming keyboard, designed to increase gamers’ performance, health and comfort. Having two halves, this innovative keyboard has an ergonomic design. You are able to place the two halves in a way that is the most comfortable for you, keeping your wrists at a neutral level, which decreases the pressure over time.

You are able to design your own fully customizable layouts that can be saved as micros. Dygma Raise also includes additional keys that aren’t available in usual keyboards. It completely transforms the space bar, dividing it into 4 keys + 4 additional keys under it. This allows the gamers to use more effectively their thumbs. But if you still want to use all four keys as a space bar, you are able to do that.

“The keyboard we game with has barely changed in 30 years. That’s why we’ve created Raise, the gaming keyboard designed to increase performance, comfort and health of today’s gamers and esport professionals”, Dygma’s Founder & CEO Luis “Deilor” Sevilla has said.

In addition to all of this, Dygma Raise offers also palmrest and pads to increase comfort; hot-swappable mechanical switches so you won’t be stuck with the mechanical switches that are a standard in gaming; RGB Backlight and underglow that help you get used faster to the new layouts; and more.

Just four days before the end of the crowdfunding campaign, Dygma Raise has surpassed its initial goal of $ 104,269 USD and has raised $ 208,411USD by almost 900 backers.

If you want to learn more about this innovative product, visit their crowdfunding page here.

Cover Photo Credit: Dygma Raise Kickstarter page

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