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The Mom Project keeping moms in the workforce raises $8m

The Mom Project, a two-year-old startup helping moms in the workforce after having kids, has raised another $8 million.

The Mom Project was found in 2016 when CEO Allison Robinson read a study showing that 43% of skilled women leave work after having kids. And now her startup brings together companies and mothers who want to return to business life.

In the client list, there are over a thousand companies with important names such as P & G, BP and AT & T. These companies can create employment through The Mom Project. There are more than 75,000 mothers in the employment list.

The startup recently increased the total investment to $ 11 million with the latest investment of $ 8 million.

Allison Robinson, the founder of the initiative, also has an interesting story. Robinson, a former P & G employee, has to leave work after she becomes a mother. She then decides to establish The Mom Project while on maternity leave, and her former company P & G is currently one of Allison’s biggest clients.

Along with his initiative, Allison provides employment for thousands of women and represents a great example to them.

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