The MOBA “Myst Legends” Awaits Your Feedback on Arikovani

Gaming is a growing industry that changes with the speed of light. Having a closer look at the trends, it is clear that, nowadays, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is considered to be the hottest topic among gamers.

Myst Legends, the MOBA from Turkey, is looking for its chances to become successful by raising money through crowdfunding. But before the campaign is officially launched, the team behind “Myst Legends” awaits the feedback and opinions of game lovers – it has entered the social thinking phase on Arikovani!

Myst Legends, a blend of strategy and role-playing, is a game where players compete online with other players, but can also set up their own team with friends or simply play against the computer.

By choosing a character such as an assassin, sorcerer or sniper you will draw your team, set your strategy and enter the competition.

Designed as easy-to-understand and comfortable to play, Myst Legends’s team under the leadership of Elvan Uslu aims to keep the excitement at the top level with constant upgrades of new maps and character support.

Myst Legends does not adopt the “pay to win” concept, unlike most of its counterparts. Players will use a shopping system full of rich content varieties. In addition to the items acquired with the credits earned in the game, only one item will be available for real money. But it will be meticulous to ensure that the distribution of these goods is balanced.

Once the game passes the social thinking phase, it will launch its crowdfunding campaign on Arikovani with a target of 30.000 TL. Check out Myst Legends page here!


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