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The Intelligent Wearable Voice Recorder Senstone Is the Note-Taking Device We All Need

Senstone is a unique wearable and stylish technology that makes the process of taking notes effortlessly. Now you don’t have to take out your phone every time you want to make a note – the only thing you need to is tap twice on the device, to speak and the voice recording device will take the note for you.

In the busy world that we live in, we often spend our days on the go. Taking notes while walking on a busy street, while at the gym, or while driving isn’t the most effective thing you can do. With Senstone, the intelligent voice recorder that turns speech into text, you can take a note anywhere and at any time.

Stay Focused On-The-Go

Senstone allows you to stay focused, to capture effortlessly what is on your mind when you are on the go or in a meeting, when you travel or when you work on your next project or post and a great idea comes into your mind.

It is a small and stylish device that you can easily clip to your collar or wear around your neck. There are multiple ways to wear it – as a clip, as a pendant, as a cuff, or even on a sports wearable.

The closer the device is to your mouth, the better it will capture your speech. Senstone supports 12 dictation languages including Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, and Russian.

Back in March 2017, Senstone was successfully crowdfunded and raised $405,704 USD total funds. The device is available for pre-orders at a price of $139 USD + Shipping for a Senstone with two Backs.

That’s probably the coolest device for bloggers, innovators and thinkers, who always come up with these cool ideas and now have the opportunity to record them hustle-free.

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