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The Humanoid Robot Sophia Turns to Crowdfunding to Fund Her Brain

Sophia, the Hanson Robotics’ humanoid robot that has extremely realistic facial expressions and shockingly natural social behavior, has now turned to crowdfunding to raise money to fund her Artificial Intelligence.

The news about the upcoming token sale, a project that will be enabled through the open source platform for AI and machine learning SingularityNET, was announced by  Hanson Robotics’ Chief Humanoid Officer”, Sophia herself. Sophia is also a UN Ambassador and a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

The token sale will begin on December 8, 2017, and will end when the total amount of 500 million tokens (with an equivalent of $36 million USD) is sold. The users will be able to make a pledge through a blockchain technology that is very similar to the one behind Bitcoin. Anyone is able to participate as there is no minimum amount that can be pledged.

The company’s whitepaper reads: “SingularityNET is an open-source protocol and collection of smart contracts for a decentralized market of coordinated AI services. Within this framework, the benefits of AI become a global commons infrastructure for the benefit of all; anyone can access AI tech or become a stakeholder in its development. Anyone can add an AI/machine learning service to SingularityNET for use by the network, and receive network payment tokens in exchange.”

The project’s bigger goal is to create a global, decentralized marketplace for Artificial Intelligence. Along with CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel and Sophia, on the project are working Dr. David Hanson, who is the creator of Sophia, Simone Giacomelli, a blockchain expert. The company has also partnered with Cindicator, a fintech startup that offers effective asset management powered by hybrid intelligence.

Cover photo credit: Flickr/International Telecommunication Union

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