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The Garden In Your Home: iHarvest

While many of us enjoy growing plants, we limited to small pots due to the limited possibilities of city life. If your house is not getting enough sun, or if the plant you want to grow is not suitable for growing in pots, you cannot go any further. Despite all these challenges, there is a clever solution to help you grow plants in your home: iHarvest.

iHarvest, which you can grow 30% -50% faster and 30 different plant species without using chemicals, draws attention with its design. Easy to install and use, the product requires minimum maintenance and allows you to harvest throughout the year. Due to its vertical design it covers very little space. Thus, even the smallest apartments and the smallest rooms can be easily cultivated.

iHarvest does not need soil to grow plants. It uses the right amount of water and nutrients to ensure optimal growth. As a result, your plant always gets a perfect amount of water and nutrients. So instead of developing its root systems, it focuses on growing faster and delivering fruit. It is worth noting that the hydroponic system iHarvest uses was developed by NASA to grow plants in space.

Since there is no soil, the possibility of your plant getting infected is minimized. iHarvest is currently being crowdfunded. Although there is still a month left on the project clock, it has already exceeded its funding target. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in September.

You can get detailed information and pre-order the product by going to the project’s crowdfunding page.

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