The Device That Makes Communication Easier For ALS Patients ‘Nefesle Mesaj’ Is Available Now For Pre-Orders

“Nefesle Mesaj” is a communication device that enables ALS and paralyzed patients to communicate their needs and wants with their relatives by sending messages using their breath. The device is currently available for pre-orders on Arikovani.

Diseases such as ALS and paralysis completely interfere with the living environment of the patients, especially in progressive stages. Unfortunately, most of the communication devices developed for these patients are not accessible to all patients both in terms of availability and cost. “Nefesle Mesaj” is the device, developed with the aim to change that.

Affordable Communication Device For ALS and Paralysis Patients

Affordable and easy-to-use, the device is accessible for most of the patients. With this device, the ALS or paralyzed patient can write his/her message both on the device screen and on the screen of the serial terminal program, executed on the computer, which is connected with the device via USB port.

This is what the device does: The device measures the breathing intensity of the patient with the pressure sensor and checks whether it exceeds one of the two threshold levels. These thresholds are divided into two levels: the letter level and the threshold level for printing on the screen and the threshold level for deleting letters printed on the screen. These levels do not open unless you breathe normally. Therefore normal breathing does not cause a problem such as accidentally printing something on the screen.

The device is currently available for pre-orders on Arikovani. The price for early order is 299 TRY. You are able to support the project with smaller donations like 20 TRY for a T-shirt and 40 TRY for a cup. The crowdfunding campaign has a target of 70.000 TRY.

To learn more about the project and to make a pledge, visit its Arikovani page here.

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