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The Crowdfunding Wizard: Turn Your Employees Into Powerful Campaign Influencers

Successful crowdfunding campaigns have many things in common – from the innovation of the ideas through talented teams and devoted advisors to a great platform to share their campaign. One particular factor of success that plays a key role not only in reaching the financial goal, but strengthening the product position on the market, in the long run, is the social factor.

Raising money from the crowds requires extra effort when it comes to crafting the marketing strategy. The way you communicate your product to the audience determines the success rate.

In the competitive crowdfunding scene, it is important to use every possible way that can help you get ahead from the rest. Of course, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of creating a killer landing page that converts, effective email marketing strategy, outstanding content and video and all other essentials. But what can you do more to up your game?

There are many forms of marketing that you need to incorporate in your strategy, but one of these forms, in particular, has been underestimated by founders – taking the influence marketing strategy to a whole new level by turning your employees into powerful influencers.

Connecting with social influencers can help you get more visibility (here are three tools that can help you connect with them), yet it isn’t very easy and not every company can afford it. But turning your employees into powerful influencers won’t cost you an extra penny and can be done simply. Here are three tips that will help you unlock the powerful employee advocacy:

One for all and all for one

Being part of the winning team is always a great motivator. The success of the campaign is a success for all. Foster trust in your employees and make sure that you let each and every one of the team members know that they are important to the project. Knowing that their hard work counts and is appreciated, will motivate them to engage more in spreading the word about the project and advocating it in front of their audience.

Encourage them to use their social networks to reach diverse audience

Every person on your team has their specific expertise – you probably work with designers, engineers, marketers, sales experts, and so on. They all have social networks, right? And their networks probably consist of other experts in their fields. The diversity of your employees’ networks will help your campaign get visibility in different levels. That may not be your initial target group, but you know how powerful networking is, especially the online social networks.

Encourage your team members to share updates about the campaign and the progress it is making, but also to engage actively with the people, who respond to these updates.

Channel their expertise

Involve the team members in presenting the project to the public. The potential backers will give you valuable feedback, but also a lot of questions. Let your designer answer the design-related questions, the product development team to explain production specifics and so on. People trust the opinion of experts, so use the fact that you work with professionals to your advantage. It is a win-win situation – the team members are happy as they feel more engaged, the backers are satisfied as they have been given the special attention of an expert and professional answer, and the whole campaign has an increased credibility as you showed that you really care about the opinion and feedback of the supporters.

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