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The Best Social Media Tools to Skyrocket Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Let’s focus on the following situation for a moment – you have this awesome idea for a new product and you are planning to get it out there, share your prototype with the world and launch the most compelling crowdfunding campaign to help you raise funds, reach wide audience and receive valuable feedback. But, as much as you feel prepared, deep down inside you there is that feeling of uncertainty that is keeping you awake at night – you worry that your campaign may not get the right amount of attention and will not reach the initial goal.

This feeling of doubt is what drives all entrepreneurs, who are crafting their crowdfunding strategies, to focus better on planning the way to get their campaigns viral. For a crowdfunding campaign to get viral there must be much more to it than an interesting video and a cool idea behind it. In order to achieve the desired results, the entrepreneurs need to think about reaching the right audience, building a strong community and firing people’s imagination to a level that they can’t stop talking about the product. And social media is the best way to achieve all of this.

As crafting successful social media strategy is a long and time-consuming process, the need of using some of the best online tools available out there is growing tremendously among startup teams. Along with the leaders of social media management software like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social, there are some awesome tools, like the following five, that will help you skyrocket your campaign, reach the right audience and get your project viral in no time.


Backerkit is the ultimate crowdfunding software out there, helping project creators to stay organized and to be sure that their campaign backers will be happy and satisfied. Backerkit has it all covered for you: from making fast and easy surveys through collecting valuable data to accepting pre-orders and processing of pledges for fulfilment – everything that you need to kick start your campaign, organized in one place for your convenience.


Maitre is very powerful social media tool that can help you get your product and campaign viral in no time. By getting people to talk about your project on social media you will effortlessly achieve a viral growth for your campaign. Maitre will help you not only to spread the word, but also will give you the ability to get to know better and skyrocket the engagement with your audience, will save you time, money and efforts.


Keeping track on everything that has been said about your campaign online is very important and doesn’t have to be extremely time consuming. Brand24 is the tool that will help you discover what people are saying about your product and campaign, by giving you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web, from all social networks or influential publishers. Reaching out to your audience, engaging in conversations and answering their questions fast and in real-time, will make it easier you create better relationship with everyone, who is talking about your campaign.


Lowering the cost of acquisition, generating higher lifetime value and building brand loyalty through interactions are just three of the reasons why Vyper is the tool that you need to boost your crowdfunding campaign. Vyper will help you to leverage the power of referrals to grow your email list as it makes it much simpler for your users to spread the word about your product and campaign in general.


Running a crowdfunding campaign is related with taking many important decisions sometimes in very short time-frame, making it extremely stressful for the entrepreneurs and the teams that run the campaign. NUVI is very useful tool that will improve your decision-making process by making it faster, easier and more effective as it offers you real-time data visuals, beautiful data-driven designs, and actionable insights. NUVI is the tool that allows you to monitor your campaign in the most effective way through giving you stunning social media visualizations.

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