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Ten Crowdfunded Products That Will Save You Time and Boost Your Productivity

What is your most valuable asset? Most of the people think about money when are being asked this question. However, money comes and goes and we can always make more. The one thing we have that is limited is time. We can’t turn back time. We can’t reverse it. We can’t get more than 24 hours a day. But what we can do is to use our time wisely.

Technology and innovation make this process much easier. There are so many new gadgets out there that saves us time and help us become more productive and to achieve more in a day. The following ten products aren’t just super cool – they are making our lives smarter and better, save us time and increase our productivity. And all of them were successfully crowdfunded. Let’s take a look:

Senstone – the intelligent wearable voice-recorder and note-taking device we all need

Senstone allows you to stay focused, to capture effortlessly what is on your mind when you are on the go or in a meeting, when you travel or when you work on your next project or post and a great idea comes into your mind.

It is a small and stylish device that you can easily clip to your collar or wear around your neck. There are multiple ways to wear it – as a clip, as a pendant, as a cuff, or even on a sports wearable…continue here.

Sonic Soak – the ultimate ultrasonic tool that revolutionizes the way we clean

With Sonic Soak you can clean everything – from your usual laundry including lace and gentle washables through jewelry, watches, toys and glasses to silverware and even fruits and vegetables. You are able to make 99.9% clean everything that you want with 50.000 ultrasonic vibrations per second… continue here.

Knocki – turn any surface into a remote control

Knocki is an innovative device that can make any surface smart and turns it into a control center for your devices, allowing you to navigate them by tapping. The founders of Knocki claim that we haven’t seen anything like that as the device offers “the simplest, most natural, and accessible way to control the world around you.”…continue here.

Xenxo-S Ring – twelve powerful features in the smartest smart wearable

Xenxo-S Ring has recently entered the crowdfunding space, introducing to the world “the smartest smart wearable”. In one smart compact ring are combined incredible features like Bluetooth call, Data storage, Gesture control, Access card, NFC payment, Health parameters – just to name a few… continue here.

Ovie Smarterware – the world’s smart food storage system that helps you keep track on the food in your fridge

Ovie Smarterware is the first connected food storage system that helps you keep track on what is left in your fridge,  for how long it has been there,  how many more days it is going to last, and even get recommendations how to use it… continue here.

MODIUS – the wearable technology that promises to give you leaner body

MODIUS is an innovative product that promises to help you lose weight and get a leaner and a healthier body. Developed by neuroscientists, the technology works by stimulating the parts of the brain that has been shown to influence the body processes of burning fat… continue here.

Amabrush – the world’s first automatic toothbrush

Amabrush is the world’s first fully-automatic toothbrush that promises to clean your teeth in less than 10 seconds. The only thing that you need to do is to press a button, wait just 10 seconds and then enjoy perfectly clean teeth… continue here.

Bagel – the world’s smartest tape measure

Bagel is the world’s smartest tape measure that makes the perfect addition to your toolbox. With this smart tape, you are doing the measuring digitally, which allows you to organize and analyze the measurements through the app, bringing a smart touch to the whole process… continue here.

The Pilot – make communication with foreign contacts with this real-time language translator

If you haven’t heard about the Pilot, now is the time to change that. The Pilot is a stylish-looking wearable Bluetooth earpiece that makes it possible for the users to have a real-time conversation with someone, who doesn’t speak the same language… continue here.

Delux Designer – the customizable keyboard that shortens the work time for designers

Delux Designer is fully customizable, allowing you to create your shortcuts according to your own preferences. You are able to adjust settings like size, brightness, volume, and so on just with a spin of the multifunctional dial. The dial also allows you to scroll, zoom, and switch between pages effortlessly… continue here.

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