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Taking Control of Your Dreams is Now Possible With InstaDreamer

Perhaps one of the deepest needs people have is to feel in control. While some situations can be managed at some level, others are out of our reach when it comes to controlling them. One of the most vivid examples is the want to control our dreams.

Even though controlling our dreams may seem impossible, there are ways that make it possible. Taking control of our dreams is called “lucid dreaming”, which means the ability to be aware of the fact that you are dreaming while you are dreaming.

A lucid dreamer has the ability to sleep at night and become aware that they are dreaming and awake within their dream. Many people are fascinated by the idea of having their conscious mind present during their subconscious dreaming and spend time and money of trying to develop this “skill”.

InstaDreamer is the device that makes it possible to take control of your dreams by using Pavlovian conditioning. The theory of Pavlovian conditioning uses the process of association to learn a new behavior. The behavior in this particular case is lucid dreaming.

How does InstaDreamer work?

To channel the power of Pavlovian conditioning, the InstaDreamer bracelet vibrates during the day (while you are not sleeping) to remind you to perform a reality check and train your awareness. When you are awake, nothing in particular happens.

During the night, however, when you are sleeping, the device detects your REM phases and vibrates at the best possible moment in order to activate the conditioning and trigger a lucid dream. The trigger will help you realize that you are in a dream, allowing you to control the experience within your dream.

By conditioning your brain to recognize that you are dreaming, you will be able to become in control of your dreams and experience lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the perfect way to avoid nightmares, to experience places that you want to visit, and even to conquer your fears.

InstaDreamer is a bracelet, which stands out with its sleek design, is a standalone device and doesn’t need to be connected during the night. It will upload the collected data to your phone once it detects its network.

A Crowdfunding Experience

InstaDreamer is currently raising money through a crowdfunding campaign. 23 days before the end of the campaign, 353 backers have supported the project, raising $67,364, surpassing its initial goal of $35,253.

For a pledge of CHF 199 (about $200), which is 20% off the retail price, the backers are able to get one InstaDreamer band. The estimated delivery date for the pre-orders is February 2019.

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