Sunmood – Charge With Solar, Live Unlimited

Electricity is still the ultimate source of charging devices. But solar technology is advancing as well. Many of us nowadays have to run out of charge. Our daily activities can be boring, which may be the case with digital devices. Thanks to Sunmood, the ultimate solar charger for your gadgets, you will always live unlimited.

You can count on the Sun for all your energy needs. Whether in nature or in the heart of the city. Wherever you are, in your parties or in your invitations, anywhere with your loved ones. Even if your adventurous spirit takes you to uncharted territories. Whether you’re fighting in business life, or rewarding yourself. Wherever there is the Sun, Sunmood is always with you whenever you need it.

Solar Charger

Sunmood consist of two different products: Solar Powered Speakers and Solar Charger. The solar charger charge your USB powered devices anytime, anywhere. It is portable and very easy to carry. Using Sunmood instant chargers is simple! Open the Suntouch and the Sunbag as soon as you see the sun, connect your phone and charge it quickly. Easy to carry, easy to charge from it.

solar powered back pack

Solar Powered Speakers

Sunmood’s solar powered speakers consist of two devices: SUNTUNE and TUNE S1. When you put your solar powered speakers under the sun, their batteries will begin to fill up without doing anything else. To turn on music, simply connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can also charge your speakers from the grid in non sunny environments. With 10 minutes charge, it let you enjoy music for 30 minutes.

Take Sunmood, take advantage of the Sun, take your electricity source wherever you want. Sunmood is a sub-brand of I-SUN, which has been working on solar technologies since 2017 and has an entrepreneurial spirit. To take a look at this young startup’s cool gadgets, click here.

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