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South Korea’s Robot Science Museum Will Be Built By Robots

We’ve been familiar with the use of robots in construction for many years. However, the use of construction robots to build a robot science museum? This extremely ironic event will probably happen for the first time.

The Robot Science Museum will be built in Seoul, South Korea. The massive building of 8,000 square meters, with the expression of local government, aims at supporting the public education in robots and raising awareness. Another remarkable feature of the museum is that it will be built by Turkish architectural firm Melike Altınışık Architects (MAA).

Melike Altınışık, who is the founder of MAA, told Digital Trends, “MAA’s design proposal for Robot Science Museum is focused on developing an architectural language through the use of contemporary fabrication technologies and robotic construction methodologies.”

“Robotic science is constantly changing and evolving. It’s not anymore just limited to the industrial or service sector. Today, a robot can engineer a house. One of the most important elements that we are interested in is that robots take increasingly important roles in the design and construction of buildings. They can provide a more systematic and safe work environment.”

Robots Will Exhibit Themselves

People will also participate in the construction process of the museum, but most of the work will be carried out by robots. A robot team will be used to assemble the museum’s curved metal facade. This includes the molding, joining, welding and polishing of the metal plates to be used on the outside.

Another robot team will print 3D concrete parts for the surrounding landscape. In addition, drones will be used for building inspections, preparing visual references for customers and monitoring robot construction vehicles.

The first exhibition of the museum, which will open its doors to visitors in 2022, will be its own construction. Other than that, it is not clear what will be exhibited in the museum.

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