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Somnox Cuddling Robot Is Here to Help You Have a Good Night Sleep

If you have problems falling asleep and you are fascinated by technology, you are going to love Somnox – the world’s first sleep robot that helps you to improve your sleep.  

Somnox is the perfect sleeping companion not just because it is cuddly and comfy, but because it helps you to fall asleep faster, allows to enjoy longer sleep and to wake up fresh, relaxed and energized.

The soft peanut shape of Somnox makes it perfect for cuddling, but it is also designed to improve sleep by breathing regulation, sounds, and affection. The embedded speakers play guided meditation or soft music, according to your choice. You are able to upload your own music, which easily can be done through the app. As you doze off, the volume will start to decrease, eventually stopping once you are completely asleep.

To make sure that they aren’t making empty promises, the founders have conducted extensive research on the science behind the sleeping robot. All important information is available at the published white paper, which you can see here.

Somnox made it big on Kickstarter as it was completely funded 4 days after the launch of the campaign. There are less than 48 hours of the campaign and the total raised funds so far is over $220.000 USD pledged by 479 backers.

Learn more about the campaign here. Somnox is available for pre-order at a price of €449 here.

Crowdfunding is a great funding alternative for such products. It isn’t only about raising money, but also about testing the way the product is accepted by the target customers. In Somnox case, it was very well-accepted – a sign that the founders are on the right path.

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