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Soft Launch Tips for a Great Start in Crowdfunding

Whether you are raising money for a great social cause or asking the support of the crowds in order to be able to bring your innovative product to market, there are many things to take under consideration when it comes to organizing the different stages of the campaign.

Many crowdfunders overlook the importance of creating a soft launch for their projects as they are not aware of the advantages that this VIP launch stage brings to the campaign. The soft launch is an exclusive launch of the campaign for the early supporters of the project. It usually takes place couple days to a week before the official launch of the campaign.

It is that important as it helps the campaigners to receive support by initial backers before the campaign gets viral. Campaigns that collect over 30% of the asked amount in the first 24 hours after their launch have better chances of successfully reaching their final goals. This is why a great soft launch can help you increase your chances of achieving success. To help you set yourselves up for success, here are the top three soft launch tips to follow:

Specify the target group (think about your closest network): The early supporters of your campaign should be easy to reach. Most likely these are your friends, family, coworkers or people, who have supported your previous projects. Once you know your target group it gets easier to craft personalized emails to inform them that you will be soon launching a crowdfunding campaign and that their support will be much appreciated.

Plan a soft launch online and offline: As you will be rallying your closest friends and family members, you have better chances of turning them into your greatest brand advocates. Organize something special for them – a fun and engaging offline event that can be streamed to your online audience is a great way to get everyone together and unite them around your product idea and crowdfunding venture.

Create a sense of urgency and don’t forget to reward the early birds: Raising cash during the soft launch period is important as it will make the campaign look more reliable to the other backers once it gets viral. Along with setting a reasonable financial goal for your hard launch, telling your early adopters how much money you would need to collect during the soft launch will create a sense of urgency for them. This will motivate them to make a donation so you will be able to proceed with your venture successfully.

Communicating their campaigns to friends and family for many entrepreneurs seems as very comfortable experience, and they don’t find it necessarily to offer great perks. This approach can easily backfire. Make the early birds feel special, because they are for your project. Prepare exclusive rewards for them in order to express how thankful you are for receiving their support.

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