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Zero – A Smart Translator To Remove Language Barriers

One of the most positive outcomes of technology is its ability to remove language barrier globally. It does this with instruments such as voice recognition systems and artificial intelligence algorithms. Zero, the multifunctional smart translator is the last present of technology in this field.

A smart digital translator

Zero is designed to eliminate language barriers and help people communicate comfortably with foreigners from all around the world. It is made both mobile and versatile. It’s a smart mic that’s always at hand for your next business meeting, interview, or to hear yourself practice the language you want to learn.

How does Zero work?

You can easily use your small Zero device through the app after plugging it into the charging port of your smartphone. Zero offers 36 different languages, and it can be used anywhere, anytime.

Meeting Mode

Thanks to its high-quality microphone, Zero distinguishes the voice of 4 different people during meetings, allowing you to easily understand who is saying what. The microphone array is also set up to cover all angles so that you can just place the Zero on the table and let it do its thing.

Interview Mode

Trying to speak with foreigners in their language ​​can always be frightening for those who cannot speak that language very good. Zero provides the most accurate translation during your conversations. In addition, thanks to the interview mode, Zero is able to record spoken words in writing.

40+ Languages & 90+ Accents

The developers of Zero say that they will add more languages on top of the 36. They include Persian, Icelandic, Ukrainian, Urdu, etc. 9 more accents will be available by the time they ship in September.

Zero embarked on a great crowdfunding journey, which has so far raised $ 430,000 in funding and has moved to mass production process. Here you can go to Zero’s crowdfunding page and take a look at the project in detail and pre-order.

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