Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Solution Helps You Sleep Better

Snoring is a major problem for many people of different age. It is not just annoying for your sleeping partner but also carries many health risks. In fact, people who snore don’t get quality deep sleep, which can cause many other health issues.

To deal with this disturbing problem, many people try different methods – from wearing special sleeping masks and nose strips to dentures. But these solutions not always work, which can be very frustrating. And here is where Nora comes into the picture.

Nora is a smart non-invasive snoring solution that you put on your bedside stand. The whole set comes with three parts – an insert that you put under your pillow, a bedside that you put close to your bed, and a portable case that carries the mini-pump that powers the pillow insert.

Nora eliminates the causes of snoring by gently moving your head, a movement which silently stimulates the relaxed throat muscles. The movement helps you to breathe normally again as the airway assumes its natural position.

Nora comes also with an app, which gives the user insights on their sleep and snoring patterns. The app is a perfect addition to the modern technology-empowered snoring remedy that Smart Nora is.

A Crowdfunding Journey

Back in 2015, the founders of Smart Nora launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money and bring the project to life. The campaign successfully surpassed its initial goal of $100,000 USD as 3,426 backers pledged $832,523 USD.

Early bird backers were able to save 51% on the price – the device was available to them at a price of $145 USD instead of $299. A great deal for a snoring solution that can help you improve your health and, well, save your relationship.

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