Shred, Extrude, Wrap: Create Your Own Filament With FlaX

You have a 3D printer or you are considering buying one. So what do you need to print the things in your mind? Filament, the raw material of 3D printers. Did you know that you can produce your own filament at home instead of taking it outside every time? Then meet Flax.

FlaX is a recycling-oriented filament production machine designed for home use. You can print filament from any kind of raw material such as ABS, PLA, PP, and any kind of raw material that can be found in the market. Imagine that you can produce filaments from your pet bottles or plastic plates!

You can also use the defective parts from your 3D printer as raw material. Thus, you protect both the environment and minimize the costs.

Flax makes production on its own, but there are also two teammates, FlaX WraPPer and FlaX ShreDDer, which help to accelerate your work and make your more organized.

FlaX ShreDDer transforms the plastic products you want to shred, or your pet bottles in your home into raw materials, while FlaX WraPPer produces filaments with a precision of 0.03 mm and the filaments you produce are made to be compatible with all 3D printer brands by wrapping around the pulley.

Flax is now getting pre-orders through its crowdfunding campaign on Arikovani. FlaX 3D Filament Extruder is sold for 699 TL. The pre-order price of the full set of Flax, Wrapper and Shredder is 1.299 TL.

If the project reaches its target, Flax will be delivered to its owners in February 2019. Click here to get detailed information about the project and pre-order.

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