Sense Watch Has Accomplished Its Crowdfunding Goal!

Sense Watch, the smart watch giving its users new sensations, has accomplished its crowdfunding goal on Arıkovanı and now it’s ready to go!

Sense Watch is a product of a Turkish enterprise, and has a strong motto: imagine, feel, stop at nothing! Sense Watch is more than just a smart watch. It gives users “new feelings.”

Developed for hearing impaired individuals, the watch features intelligent vibration characteristics, making the person feel the things he does not feel.

The smart watch does this by converting sounds into vibrations. It helps you better understand the environment, people, objects, in short, everything that goes on around you.

For example, you can feel the rhythm and accompany the songs. Or you can feel the movie effects and sounds, takes the movie viewing experience beyond the subtitles.

The smart watch also detects surrounding sounds and translates them into text and is integrated with all smart devices. In other words, you can track incoming messages and calls on your smartphone.

To make these beautiful dreams come to life, Sense Watch has started a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of raising 140,000 TL. And it has successfully accomplished its funding goal. And it’s now ready to bring these smart features to its users.

For more details about the project visit here.

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